Man, 82 years old, watching over his son’s grave, 51 years old, all day long-English

(ANSA)-Rome, May 5-A 82-year-old man watches over the grave of his 51-year-old son, who died of cancer last year, six hours a day at 3:00 am and 3:00 am. In the afternoon, Corriere del Veneto reported on Thursday.

Former businessman Cesare Mascot has been guarding his son Florind’s tomb daily in Sarego near Vicenza for the past 13 months.

He sits in a folding chair owned by Florind.

“Fathers don’t have to survive their children,” the mascot told Veneto every day.

“It’s a very unnatural and cruel pain. I sit here and talk to him.”

Mascots have paid attention to all kinds of weather, from the icy cold of winter to the scorching heat of summer.

The mascot is now a kind of guardian of the graveyard.

Another mourner, Jessica, who blooms in her parents’ grave, told Corriere del Veneto: (ANSA).

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