Man admits to sexually assault a woman on a packed bus

Courts heard last Saturday that a young female passenger was sexually delighted by a man standing behind her on a packed bus and exposed to unwanted sexual intimacy when she ejaculated. rice field.

Justice of the Peace Gabriella Vella presided over the indictment of 36-year-old Mohamed Mahmud Dirie, a Somali construction worker living in Birkir Clara, for unconsensual sexual acts against women and physical intimacy that she did not want. He was charged with exposing him. Unwelcome sexual behavior.

Prosecutor’s savior Baldachin said Dilly acted on a packed 14th bus carrying passengers from Valletta to St. Julian’s nightlife district around 10 pm on Saturday.

The court appointed lawyer Yanika Bugeja to assist the accused as legal aid, given the man’s declaration that he could not afford to hire a lawyer.

Dilly pleaded guilty to his accusations and was given time to reconsider before confirming his plea.

Bugeja pointed out that the man was found guilty as early as possible and cooperated with the police. The defense demanded a suspended sentence and demanded that the man be released on bail until the sentence was issued.

The court upheld the request and released the man on bail until the judgment was heard. He signed the bail three times a week and was ordered to provide a personal guarantee of € 5,000.

The text will be delivered on August 1st. Man admits to sexually assault a woman on a packed bus

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