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Man arrested in Qatar for trafficking-Doha News

The Qatar Ministry of Interior said “African citizens” were detained for trafficking to Qatar.

Qatari officials said Monday that he had arrested a man for illegally hiring domestic workers smuggled from his home country.

“The Passport Department’s Investigation and Tracking Bureau has arrested African citizens for smuggling female workers from their country and hiring and protecting them in the Sarata region,” the Ministry of Interior said in a statement.

The department added that it had assigned a designated team to coordinate with the relevant security department to investigate the incident.

“After getting the required permissionThe accused was arrested in the red with 15 domestic workers evacuated to a rented house for this purpose in the Sarata area, “the ministry confirmed.

“During the cross-examination, the defendant confessed to the crime and explained how he seduced the domestic worker with a special offer to work in a private house. The defendant for further legal proceedings in this regard. It was referred to the competent authority. “

This raises concerns about the illegal employment of domestic workers who have legally entered Qatar but have continued to run away from their employers. The ministry warned that it would hire such people “to avoid legal accountability and exposure to various crimes.”

Some residents allegedly claim that the housekeeper has escaped and is working with an unidentified employer to earn higher salaries.

Two different people contacted Doha News Express concern about this issue and share a similar story. According to the two, the worker went missing shortly after the three-month probationary period set by recruiters according to Qatar law.

To hire a domestic worker in Qatar, the employer must go through a recruiter. The process of getting a housekeeper from abroad can cost more than 10,000 QR, based on the nationality of the worker and other criteria.

By law, this amount will not be refunded after the domestic worker has completed the probationary period.

Recently, the Ministry of Labor has amended some provisions of Resolution 8 of 2005 through Ministerial Decision No. 21 of 2021.

The amendment has extended the probationary period for domestic workers to nine months.

According to the amendment, the ministry explained that recruiters are obliged to guarantee an additional 6-month trial period starting immediately after the end of the 3-month preliminary test period.

During the additional probationary period, the employer is guaranteed an amount paid to the agency minus 15% of the total monthly amount the worker spends on work, deducting the value of government fees borne by the office. It will be.

This applies if the employee refuses or retires from work, or if the illness is associated with a chronic illness.

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If the employer attacks the worker or violates any of the conditions stated in the contract, the right to refund shall expire.

“My son had a housekeeper this year and ran away just three months later. What’s amazing is that she left during the day while we were all at home,” said one resident. rice field Doha News..

“She told our other helpers that she was taking Uber, then left and never came back,” she added.

“It was a disaster. My son had to go through the process again and pay the same amount. It’s a lot and he has a family and a baby.”

Another resident also encountered a similar experience with two different housekeepers in a year.

“I had a worker who stayed for two years and the kids loved her so much that she helped me renew my passport. One day I sent her to receive my passport from the embassy. She never came back. ”

The employer said she paid the recruiter about 16,000 QR.

“She told me her mother was ill and needed QR2000, I gave her money a few days before she disappeared,” the employer added.

“There is nothing we can do, contact the police,” officials said in a statement from residents.

A few months later, the same employer was allegedly working for an unidentified employer who was allegedly hiring another worker, attempting to escape, and gathering runaways to hire them illegally. increase.

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