Man charged with bail breach released on bail

The man, who was released on bail Wednesday after being charged with attempted murder, has denied refusing to charge his ankle monitor four times this month.

Dion Excelant wears an ankle bracelet as a condition of his $15,000 bail in the April 23, 2022 shooting of Tariko Bouregu at Pinewood Gardens.

Prosecutors allege that Excelant did not charge his tracking device on September 6, 13, 14 and 16.

Excelant pleaded not guilty to four counts of breach of bail conditions in arraignment before Senior Magistrate Justice Carolyn Vogt-Evans.

Prosecutor Sergeant Mark Penn did not contest Excelant’s release on bail.

Vogt-Evans reluctantly posted bail at $9,000, had two guarantors, and had to appear at the police station three times a week.

She said it was “extremely ridiculous” that Excelent would be subject to surveillance again while facing surveillance-related charges.

Excelant’s trial is set for October 3rd. His agent is Ciji Smith-Curry. Man charged with bail breach released on bail

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