Man charged with killing eight family members

TAIPEI, Aug. 11 (CNA) Prosecutors on Thursday charged a 31-year-old man who set his home on fire, killing his mother and seven other relatives, on a number of charges, including parental murder. Advised to receive evidence. Death penalty.

The suspect, Chen Yen-hsiang, had outstanding debts and was short on money, so he had a lot of trouble with his parents who lived together at the Hsinchu District Prosecutor’s Office tire shop on East Road in Hsinchu City. A quarrel ensued. He said.

On the night of June 15, Chen left home after a fight with his parents and returned with 20 liters of gasoline. He doused gasoline on his first floor of the house in front of his parents and his wife and lit a lighter and several torches. organization, the prosecutor said.

The ensuing explosion set the building on fire, which was soon engulfed in flames.

Chen’s father fled the scene, but his wife and mother self-immolated while trying to warn others on the second floor of the building. Fire, they said.

Chen suffered several injuries and was mentally ill and had to be hospitalized until July 13th.

Cheng’s setting fire to his home and the “brutal” killing of his mother and other close relatives shows he has no chance of rehabilitation, prosecutors said, recommending a death sentence. . Man charged with killing eight family members

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