Manuel Pinho stays under house arrest

The Portuguese Supreme Court refused to release today Former Minister of Economy Manuel Pinho He has been under house arrest since December last year.

A 67-year-old woman faces corruption, money laundering, and financial fraud charges.Prosecutor’s proceeding against him Broader EDP “Excessive Rent” Survey That he was there. “Fallen by exercising his duty According to former banker Ricardo Salgado, who himself faces multiple criminal charges in many ways.

Pinho was further charged “Bring profits to BES / GES and hide money offshore”, Explain the report andThere is also suspicion that he received a bribe by EDP Have an academic career in the United States. “

All accusations have probably been denied by various parties involved for over a decade. This caused such a startle last year when Judge Carlos Alexandre claimed that Manuel Pinho had suddenly risked a flight and had to be deployed. He is under house arrest until he can submit a bail bondsman of € 6 million.

As all the media at the time explained, this was (and still is) Best bail bondsman It has never been set in Portugal.

Mr Pinho appealed, saying he simply didn’t have such money. And last month, a judge in the Court of Appeals agreed that Judge Alexander couldn’t take away the suspected liberty because he didn’t have € 6 million.

This was probably the moment Pinho thought he had a chance to be released. Habeas corpus warrant..Defendant lawyer Ricardo Sa Fernandez said his client was Illegal imprisonment.

But the Supreme Court judge doesn’t see it this way.

“The Supreme Court understood that the petition had no basis,” explains Rádio Renascença.

Therefore, for the time being, Mr. Pinho will stay where he is.

The wife of a former banker remains under house arrest

A similar situation is facing Maria de Jesus LendiroWife of former BPP bank boss João Rendeiro Those who left Portugal as they were supposed to be called to jail..

Due to alleged collusion in the sale of confiscated works of art, Mrs. Lendiro is to remain under house arrest with electronic tags for an additional three months.

It is understood that she lives in a couple’s mansion in very few situations Following the confiscation of all luxury items..

Meanwhile, her husband will appear in court later this month. Regarding delivery to Portugal. Manuel Pinho stays under house arrest

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