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Many foreign workers were surprised when they received an SMS about changing jobs

Saudi Gazette Report

Riyadh – Many foreign workers in the private sector were surprised when they recently received a text message indicating that their profession had changed. This allowed workers and their employers to receive text messages related to their new profession, contact the Labor Department and inquire about the situation.

Some occupational changes will be made after the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development has updated the rules regarding some occupations of foreign workers in the private sector, in line with the occupations approved by the Saudi Arabia Standard Occupational Classification (SSCO). I will. This was done in collaboration with the ministry’s Qiwa platform, Directorate of Statistics (GASTAT), and Directorate of Passport (Jawazat).

The Qiwa Platform has mandated the facility to correct the profession of some employees by posting a notice on the platform indicating that there are many employees who must correct their profession in accordance with the SSCO manual. .. The amendments are primarily targeted at eight professions, including doctors, professionals, professionals, engineers, professionals, control technicians, workers, and regular workers.

It is worth noting that the Qiwa platform recently canceled the conditions for obtaining consent to change some occupations of iqama (residential permit) for foreign workers. This applies to the eight professions mentioned above that were recently included in the platform.

Qiwa has instructed SSCO that these jobs must be in the profession. This amendment applies only to the Qiwa platform for facility workers, not the platform for individuals.

Changing professions in exchange for the SR2000 amount usually requires worker approval. However, eight profession changes are considered “corrections” to the profession. These professions are only allowed to be modified once at no charge.

The platform stated that future hiring requires an accurate description of the profession to be hired. Recruiting workers in the above professions is not permitted.

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