Many people protested the cutting of trees in Budapest.

On Friday, the opposition LMP held a protest in front of the Ministry of Agriculture against a recent government order to ease tree cutting.

In a speech, the party’s co-leader, Elsebet Schmuck, called for the “insanity decree” to be repealed. She said the impacts of climate change are becoming increasingly severe, with central and eastern Hungary suffering from desertification, and that “this government decision will exacerbate that process.”

Schmuck said Hungary would need six times its 2 million hectares of forest cover to achieve climate neutrality. “If there are no forests, sooner or later we won’t be here,” she said, adding that government measures would result in “none of our climate goals being met.”

László Lóránt Keresztes, head of parliament’s Sustainable Development Commission, said the government must face the consequences of its actions, arguing that “a shameful deforestation order equals the destruction of nature”. Scientists, environmental activists and the mayor, including the ruling party, said they voiced their opposition to the order.

Celestes called on President Katalin Novak to “against the destruction of national assets.”

Peter Unger, parliamentary group leader of the LMP, said that while Prime Minister Viktor Orban is not responsible for climate change, he said, “We have a government that is not prepared for the impacts of climate change and why we are making them.” We haven’t done anything to mitigate it.”

Opponents of the decree “will prevent this destruction of nature through physical presence, barricades and local groups set up across the country,” he said.

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sauce: MTI Many people protested the cutting of trees in Budapest.

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