Marenda and Bebanda-Only good people can have a Marenda

The Marenda Spirit means openness and good sociality.If you are not a good person, people Marenda You and.Only good people can have Marenda – Valetitch says.

If your trip takes you to the coast, Dalmatian towns and cities, especially Split. If you get to a tavern and find a group sitting at one of the tables, talking loudly at the same time and chewing a bite of delicious food, don’t be afraid. They are just eating. Marenda!

Marenda It may not seem like it at first, but it simply meets a person’s food needs. It’s much more a habit of the population you need to see through the window. Because when a group of friends get together early in the morning and sit at a table full of dishes, it’s hard to tell if they’ve gathered for a delicacy or if they’ve turned around the delicacies in turn.To make their conversations more comfortable and friendly and to allow them to easily return to their escaped work Marenda, A little while.But modern times have changed everything, and we are afraid of it Marenda Finish.

Marenda For Dalmatians, what 5 o’clock tea is for English.The time you spend waiting Marenda Whether you’re a freshman who likes to eat or a mature man, you’re like a locked and loaded gun. Marenda Time can pay homage to the modern world in which we live. Marenda It always happens somewhere from 10am to noon. By noon by 10 o’clock, the working class would have been hungry 100 times, and you can enjoy when this hunger is combined with the casualness of the Mediterranean.You can still eat everything with this meal-from the stomach Pasta Fajor (Dalmatian beans with pasta), polpetaušugu (Meatballs and sauce) Manistra Usbo (Spaghetti and minced meat sauce), boiled meat and fried sardines, and even veal shank.But modern times have moved the times Marenda.. Today, there are fewer and fewer workers, hired individuals eat later, often alone, and there are fewer taverns and restaurants. The delicacies, however, are the same and tripeand FasolWhen polpeteušugu When Minestrone usuvo, Boiled meat and fried sardines, veal shank.teeth Marenda If not protected as an intangible UNESCO cultural heritage, it is endangered! ??

Darko Barettić, eater, hedonist, comprehensive lover of food and wine, author of “Plavušebez kostiju”, and mainly MarendaIf everything has changed, don’t be afraid yet. Because, he says, Marenda Important, Marenda The spirit is even more important! Marenda Not just to eat Marenda About dating. It’s a group that connects more than just food. This group is organized in a mysterious, intimate and almost conspiracy manner. This group has a good sense of humor, the same jokes, and loves rustic and homemade food.And if that’s the case, Valetitch is right when he says it Marenda Despite all this, it can always occur in the dawn cracks, and at midnight.
―――― Marenda Spirit means openness and good sociality.If you are not a good person, people Marenda You and.Only good people can have Marenda – Valetitch says.

And that’s the truth and the most important thing you need to know Marenda..Only good people can have and know how to have Marenda.. If you are this type, don’t hesitate when you see a group at a tavern where you are enjoying their meal. In fact, they themselves will recognize in you its goodness, openness and delicious food and will accept you as their own.there
It ’s a stomach, Pasta Fajor, polpetaušugu When Manistra UsboBoiled meat and fried sardines, and veal shank.
And when you have already left MarendaAlthough not required, it is quite possible to drink with meals Bebanda.. Yes, mixing wine and water may be considered blasphemy and sin, but it is an ancient practice for farmers to dilute wine to quench their thirst. Today, individuals know more about good wines and try not to dilute it too much.But then Marenda If you want to explore the city or town of Dalmatia in the sun, it is unwise to drink strong Dalmatian wine.drink Bebanda And everything will be different and look better. Since then Bebanda It is also part of Dalmatian’s “Tea at 5 o’clock”. But here we just call it – Marenda!!

Siniša Pavić Marenda and Bebanda-Only good people can have a Marenda

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