Maribor Theater Part of Sustainability Experiment

Maribor – SNG The Maribor Theater will test fundamental solutions to climate change challenges over the next four years as part of an international project called the Sustainable Theater Alliance for the Green Environmental Shift (Stage).

The project, which received € 2 million from the EU, is attended by 14 partners, one of Europe’s leading theaters. They will test solutions to reduce carbon dioxide emissions in international guest appearances and showcase the social and economic changes that involve scientists and local audiences in the artistic process.

The project begins after two years of the Covid-19 pandemic, when the theater is in urgent need of new ways to increase resilience and inclusiveness. At the same time, they are equally committed to making up for the time lost to achieve the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, SNG Maribor said.

Stages are built on the work of one of the project’s partners, the Swiss Theater Vidy-Lausanne. This work has been exploring for years how to apply the concept of saving the planet and creating a framework for human success to the theatrical process.

The Swiss theater, in collaboration with British director Katie Mitchell and French choreographer Jerome Bel, tested how to create a work in a climate emergency and perform it in Lausanne. Both artists have promised never to travel by plane again.

Theater Vidy-Lausanne worked with the University of Lausanne’s Competence Center for Sustainable Development to transform the idea of ​​the concept in the process of the theater’s self-analysis.

Partners have promised to rethink the tour process by recreating the two shows using local casts, local sets, and even the power generated on stage.

The work is a solitude to live in an era of extinction. A dedicated ecofeminist monologue by Katie Mitchell’s Miranda Rose Hall and Jerome Bel of motorcycle choreography. Maribor Theater Part of Sustainability Experiment

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