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funeral of the deceased Patriarch, Mother Marinetta “Marie” Rolle, Gualin Avenue, 81 Years of Red Land Area, Former McQueen’s, Cat Island, will be held at 11:00 am Saturday, August 13thth2022 and Southwest Cathedral Church of God, Carmichael Road. The moderator is Bishop Joseph A. Smith. Burials will take place at the Lakeview Memorial Gardens and Mausoleum on John F. Kennedy Drive.

Due to current government regulations regarding Covid-19, masks and physical distancing are required.

She is the one who treasured Marinetta’s memories. 5 children: Reverend Betty Umblister, Princess Rolle of Tampa, Florida, Derek Rolle, Lenora (Quentin) Bastian, and Bessie Ann (Brian) Rolle. adopted daughter: Varda Miller; 1 Sister: Joycelyn King; 1 sibling: Ivan Frank “Boy” Roll. 1 brother-in-law: Shervin Brown; 14 grandchildren: Chantell, Dereka, Randell Rolle, Phylicia (Pastor Durand) Johnson, Deronica (Min. Sanford Jr.) Rolle, Quentin Bastian Jr., Able Woman Sadera Rolle, Quaid (Mellisa) Bastian, Antarez Goodman, Danzell (D’Lani) Rolle , LaQuenta (Ryan) Schofstoll, Dereck A. Rolle, LaQuesha Bastian and Denielle Rolle. 14 Great-grandchildren: Alfonso Ruiz, Christopher & Angel Berkley, Tarik Badmus, Aria Johnson, Nasim Rolle, Aria Johnson, Davian Rolle, Sage Burrows, Samson & Genesis Bastian, Avery Davis, Nina Simone Roll, Aurora Shofstall. Niece and nephew including: Carmen Dawkins, Lucinda Moxsey, Annaleigh Dawkins, Cheryl Ferguson, Caroline “Angie” King, Harriet (Wendell) Smith, Sonia King, Sherries (Keith) Jackson, Dorothy Fernander, Wendy Brown = Major, Paulette, Antoinette, Melissa Brown, Cherian (Stafford) Ferguson, Marie Rolle, Alfred, Donald, Roosevelt, Michael, Franklin Dawkins, Dudley, Kevin, Marvin, Captain Hubert King, Samuel, Wenzel, Arlington Brown. numerous grand nieces & nephew; other relatives and friends: Descendants of Joel & Blossom Mackie, Geneva May Gilbert, Bra Thompson, Charlet Kalmer, Sharon Farrington, Clifford Mackie, Joel Mackie Jr., Emeric Mackie, Rupert Mackie Okie Mackie, Descendants of Herbert Mackie, Burke & Carlutha Clarke: Bernita, Christopher Clarke, Bromfield, Arnold Clarke, Gerissa, Annie Mae, Lauren, Charlene, Descendants Celeste Rolle-Dawkins, Orman Rolle, Richard Rolle ( Buller Rich), Hubert Rolle, Wilfred Rolle (Fred) Bishop Ben Moses and Reverend Cynthia Johnson, The entire Church of God including the Ministry of Women’s Disciples, Bishop Joseph and Reverend Smith, Independence Movement COG, Reverend Judy Cooper and National Girls’ Ministry, Prophet Dr. Jenny Humes Reverend Lozier Roker, Reverend Donnie & Dec. Jennie Storr, Reverend Kirklyn Smith, Reverend Goliath & Min. Bishop and Reverend Jackie Johnson and Family, Bishop Durand and Keva Smith, Bishop Taveras and Tiffany Johnson, Cousin Benjamin Johnson and Family, Pearlene Johnson and Family, Sis. Margaret Smith and Family, and Reverend Rachel McKee Family, Andrew and Terry Ferguson and family, Mother Loretta Lewis and family, Mitle Major and family, Patricia Carey and family, Jerry Mariette and family, Gaulin Avenue residents and their families, Sis. ,older sister. Reverend Laura Butler, Reverend Teresa Burroughs and Family, Reverend Cordell and Violet Delancey and Family, Emily Jolie and Family, Vera Moss and Family, Bishop Ephram Roll and COG Convention Choir, COG Mass Choir, Second Chorus Street Tennant, Rhonda Gator, Reverend Joseph Sanders and the Bethlehem Baptist Church Burial Society, Reverend William Bradley and Friendship Missionary Baptist Church, Vero Beach, Florida, IDC Reunion Choir, Donavon Lewis, Mother Ioney Kelly, Heather Lewis, Sibrina Delvaux, Reverend Pascal Sanders (her personal MC) And there are many relatives and friends too many to mention.

May her soul rest in peace!

Friends can pay their final respects on Friday, August 12th at Bethel Brothers Morticians & Crematorium, #44A Nassau Street.th2022 from 10am to 6pm And at church on Saturday, August 13thth2022 from 10 am to service time. Marinetta “Marie” Rolle – Nassau Guardian

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