Mariupol “in the hands of the occupiers”

Mayor Mariupol His city “In the hands of Occupant CNN reported that Russian troops destroyed the city for weeks, causing countless civilian casualties, hundreds of thousands of people displaced, and hundreds of thousands displaced.

Ukrainian Army Staff: Russian Army Withdraws from Kyiv Region

“Not everything is in our power.” Mayor Vadym Boichenko said MariupolIn a TV interview. “Unfortunately, today we are in the hands of the conquerors.”

Boychenko sought complete evacuation of the rest MariupolPopulation. In peacetime, the city on the coast of the Sea of ​​Azov had more than 400,000 inhabitants.

“Our estimate is that we are currently in a besieged city with about 160,000 people. MariupolA place where you can’t live because you don’t have water, electricity, heat, or connections. “ He said, add: “And this is really scary.”

According to international media, it is unclear if the fighting in this city is ongoing at this time.

Damage caused by war Ukraine Equivalent to over $ 63 billion

Authorities Mariupol The bombing on March 28 killed nearly 5,000 people, including 210 children.

Ukrainian officials say Russian troops are preventing humanitarian convoys from safely approaching and leaving the city.

Pro-Russian separatist leaders said about 1,700 on Sunday Mariupol Residents “Evacuation” Every day from the city and its surroundings, Ukrainian officials said they were doing what they said they were actually deporting thousands to Russia.

In an interview with a Russian journalist yesterday, Zelensky recalls: Ukraine Put a part of the city under control.

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