Mark Wright confirms that ITV snubbed him for me to be a celebrity all-star spin-off

Mark Wright has confirmed that he has not been asked to join the cast of I’m A Celebrity’s All Stars edition … GetMeOut Of Here!Reportedly a few weeks after he was blacklisted ITV..

A special series of long-term reality popularity contests will be held in South Africa at some point this year. Favorite stars of the last two decades are expected to return to the jungle setting and face more challenges.

But 35-year-old mark – Who was the runner-up in the 2011 season? McFly star Dougie Poynter wins – I was shunned from the lineup.

Mark was hit after the following report came out earlier this year: The ITV boss blacklisted him to appear on future shows After he abandoned the last-minute show, he reportedly stopped texting.

Mark Wright has confirmed that he has not been asked to appear in I’m ACelebrity … Get Me Out Of Here !: All Stars

Mark was open to being left behind in the new show and tried to suggest that he had no harsh feelings on his part.

Reality Star said in Heart FM: I’m a celebrity Get me out of here! Reunion, the best.

“Think of Gino D’Acampo. Joe Swash, Emily AtackYes, talking Peter andre Maybe even Katie PriceImagine that the best of the years have come together in the jungle.

Mark light
He confirmed the news via Heart FM

Then he said, “It’s great that I wasn’t asked, I cheer for everyone, that means I wasn’t the best.”

He continued: “Believe me, these guys are back there, they have the courage to do it, it’s not easy, so when you’re watching it on tele you What do you see when I look at the questions asked by everyone? Do you really like it? Are you really bored, are you really hungry, or are you honest? “

“Believe me, believe me, you are hungry, you are bored, you miss your family, you miss your family, the trials are tough , Insects, you get two pairs of trousers and that’s it and you have to wash them in the pond Soap bar, you wash in the freezing cold pond.

Mark light
It is suggested that Mark was blacklisted by ITV

“I was able to continue. Believe it to be hard, but it’s also a great experience. Good luck to everyone who asks for it!”

Back in February, Mark infuriated the ITV boss when he resigned from his presentation role at the sports show The Games. He reportedly quit in the text.

At the time, one source said: “Mark’s name is now ITV and muddy.

“The only show they’re happy to be able to attend is Soccer Aid, as he’s the one in the sea of ​​faces and has been part of the event for years, but when it comes to new shows. , Mark is not approached by ITV. “

Mark himself tried to downplay the scandal. In an online statement shortly after him, he said: “This nonsense story is nonsense, and there are many more important stories in the world, so I declined to comment for over a week.

“Here’s my comment because it’s constantly being repeated. I’m definitely not banned from ITV. In fact, I’m doing an ITV show three months from now. !!

Mark light
Mark vehemently denied that he upset the ITV boss

“I called the producer, not the text, and told him that I had changed my mind at the show, because I realized there were many other commitments to make it work.”

“The media that wrote this is not responsible. They can only believe what the creator of this is telling them,” he added.

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