Massive fire destroys Carmichael shantytown – 50 evacuated

Destroyed 22 buildings

Nassau, Bahamas — A massive fire yesterday devoured a small shantytown village in the Carmichael Road area, tearing down 20 structures and displacing about 50 people.

A firefighter called the fire brigade on Pink Meadow Road off Ballot Road just after 10 a.m., and residents claimed smoke was rising from a wooden building near the front of the unregulated community.

Superintendent Chrislyn Skippings

Police Commissioner Chrislyn Skippings said firefighters were able to contain the blaze to prevent it from spreading within 45 minutes. However, butane tanks scattered throughout the village continued to explode as authorities explained to the media around noon.

Multiple residents who have spoken eyewitness news At the scene, they believed the fire started because the stove was left unsupervised or by mistake.

Skippings said investigators do not suspect arson or foul play at this time, but warned that the investigation was just beginning.

She confirmed that a team of social services had been mobilized to assist fire victims in need of shelter.

40 pieces of plywood. Even plywood is very expensive, but I am buying it because I live with my wife and baby.” Debris yesterday.

“That’s why I’m crying. Whose clothes do they go to and what house can I sleep with? Just paying a lot of money for immigration, kids Thank God.

Residents are sharing what they lost after a fire destroyed their home in a favela village on Saturday.

The fire follows a recent announcement by the Attorney General’s Office. submitted a subpoena demand
Permission to demolish 2 locations: Abaco Favela Expansion and New Providence.

There were also immigration protests in Lawson Square last week, with some calling for vigilance to remove illegal homes believed to be holding illegal immigrants.

Several residents yesterday lashed out at the fire department and lamented the magnitude of their loss.

Skippings confirmed that one man was detained for “stubborn language.”

One resident accused firefighters of preventing his family from saving more belongings, claiming the fire was deliberately slowed down.

“Nobody saves anything. Everything burns down. Come on,” said the resident.

Firefighters are fighting a massive fire in a slum village on Pink Meadow Road off Bellot Road on Saturday.

“They didn’t want to save anyone or anything. And my sister’s papers are on fire too.

Another resident said: I’m 31 now, I was born here and have lived here all my life. This may be a village, but it may have a caring heart. I need help getting my documents back. You didn’t pick the papers off the ground, you paid the money. ”

In an interview with Eyewitness News, Skippings said firefighters had to stop several people from trying to break into the house.

Firefighters are fighting a massive fire in a slum village on Pink Meadow Road off Bellot Road on Saturday.

She defended the efforts of firefighters who believed they secured the blaze quickly and ensured no loss of life.

“Some argued that the fire department could have done more, but it’s a fire,” she said.

“Officials must ensure their own safety before helping others. The wind had a significant impact on the spread of the fire, but officials were able to bring it under control in a short period of time. I did.”

Skipping continued: Firefighters must ensure safety in the midst of everything that happens.

“They have three engines, all of which were properly watered and were able to contain the fire, which was a top priority to prevent further spread,” she said.

“When you look at a wooden building, every time a fire hits a wooden one, it spreads quickly. is.” Massive fire destroys Carmichael shantytown – 50 evacuated

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