Massive protests occur in the United States after abortion rights have been abandoned by the SC

Activists and citizens overturned the main ruling in the Roe v. Wade case, The constitutional right of women to have an abortion.

Immediately after the Supreme Court’s decision, an angry woman was seen on the streets accusing the court’s bench decision. Hundreds of people gathered outside the Supreme Court with placards and slogans late into the night, saying, “I have no womb or opinion.”

On a hot summer day, thousands of women in the United States went out on the streets, blaming the Supreme Court’s ruling and carrying a placard with the strong words, “War with women, who’s next?” Written in them.

Immediately after the abolition of women’s right to abortion in the United States, the decision was left to the state and soon refused or soon refused to seek medical termination of pregnancy under the rights enshrined in the United States since 1973. Allow.

19-year-old Mia Stagner, a university political sciences department, said when talking to the news agency AFP: Being forced to be her mother is not something a woman has to do. ”

After the Supreme Court abolished the constitutional protection of abortion 50 years ago, eight right-wing states are expected to immediately ban the proceedings, and more states are expected to file similar proceedings in the future.

With the abolition of women’s constitutional rights to abortion in the United States, left-handed states and political parties are concerned that the Supreme Court’s next target may be to crack down on same-sex marriage and contraception.

US President Joe Biden also expressed dissatisfaction with the Supreme Court’s decision, calling it a “shocking decision.” “We know how painful and devastating this decision is for many Americans,” Biden said, vowing that the issue was in the ballot for the November midterm elections.

According to a new Supreme Court ruling, women in states that have banned abortions will have to continue their pregnancy, have a secret abortion, get an abortion drug, or travel to another legal state. I have.

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