Maternity service in Lisbon / Valedo Tejo in “imminent plosive” state

The Lack of obstetric health professionals in healthy areas of Lisbon / Valedo TejoImminent burstService – Whether authorities use agency staff.

This is a warning from this afternoon Southern Doctor Syndicate (SMZS) – One week after the country was I was struck by the story that the maternity units on the left, right, and center closed the door.

The government “responded” by working on an emergency response plan and forming a committee, but critics point out: I don’t understand or don’t know the solution “(this is by Miguel Sousa Tavares of Expresso”From commission to commission, to disassembly‘).

As SMZS explains, ” Social media medical services have been poor for years in terms of healthcare professionals“. Government staff have been used to make up for the chronic shortage of professionals, but even government staff take vacations. Therefore, the government’s establishment of a committee does not indicate that the crisis will be resolved (and soon an emergency response plan will be revealed).

“Most of the services that already rely on agency staff are at immediate risk of closing doors this summer,” says Syndicate. The quality of women’s health care is constantly impaired, especially when it comes to pregnancy and childbirth...

SMZS accuses the Ministry of Health of not properly understanding the situation – We promise to pay the agency staff overtime without guaranteeing a full-time post – and create a committee that does not have the resources needed to effectively reorganize obstetric emergency care.

Syndicate it is “It is urgent and inevitable that measures will be taken to retain doctors, enhance SNS medical services and provide appropriate working conditions to employed people.“.

The weekend is approaching with the Lisbon / Valedotejo Regional Government announcing the closure of yet another obstetric emergency service (Beatris Angelo Hospital in Loures). This means that anyone thinking of going there should look for “other units in the area”.

Meanwhile, the government has promised a “July only” emergency response plan. “Including schedule, hourly wages and rules for transporting pregnant women by ambulance between hospitals” is defined and will be available next Monday.

Diogo Ayers DecamposLeading a new accompaniment committee, told Expresso that hospitals in Lisbon and the South were “in the eyes of a hurricane,” he said.There is more reliable information only on Monday“. Maternity service in Lisbon / Valedo Tejo in “imminent plosive” state

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