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Mator defeats Ducan in a close contest to win the Busamura Cup

The mate won the Busamura Cup over the second half of the surge from Dukhan and won the title of Local Thoroughbred Handicap at the 23rd Race Meeting of the Qatar Racing and Equestrian Club (QREC) at the Alzarean Racecourse yesterday.
Carlos Henrique rode a 4-year-old child owned by Ahmed Hassan al-Marchi al-Jehani. However, Mater kept a good pace to win a thrilling victory in the QR100,000 race and secured his team a prize of QR57,000. QREC Racing Manager Abdullah Rashid Arcbaisi presented the trophy to the winner of the event.
Also yesterday, Tami of Ahmad Mubarak al-Kwari won a comfortable victory with a purebred Arabian handicap. Led by JP Gilanbert, a five-year-old boy trained by Mohammed Rashid Safe al-Kwari won the race in five lengths and sealed twice a day for the jockey. ..
Guillambert was previously owned and trained by Fahad bin Mubarak bin Jassim al-Groon and piloted a thrilling victory at the 1600m local thoroughbred maiden plate.
Jockey Thomas Lucasek also won the title yesterday, easily leading Al-Tsumama Racing’s X-Force to victory in 1,200m thoroughbred conditions. X Force is trained by Ibrahim Saeedal-Malki.
It was impressive that millions of people trained and owned by Abdulaziz Ali al-Kathiri also won the Thoroughbred Handicap title yesterday after a 2¼ length victory. Rashid Ali al-Saaq rode a 3-year-old gelding. This gelding won the race after a delay of 1,200m and a surge.
In the Purebred Arabian Beginner’s Plate, Marco Casament wins on a Majidol trained by Ali Yusuf al-Kubaisi, and Alges trained by Mohamed Gazari wins the title of Thoroughbred Maiden Plate. And there is David Alan in the saddle.
Previously, jockey Szczepan Mazur commanded the Master Sergeant to win the Thoroughbred Handicap (Class 6) in the opening race of the Bu Samrah Cup Day.
Winner (horse, trainer, jockey)
1. Busamura Cup-Local Thoroughbred Handicap
Mater, Hamad al-Jehani, Carlos Henrique
2. Purebred Arabian handicap
Tamih, Eng.Mohammed Rashid Safe
Arquali, JP Gilambat
3. Thoroughbred condition (class 2)
X-Force, Ibrahim Saeed Al Marquis, Thomas
4. Thoroughbred Handicap (Class 4)
Millions, Abdullah Ziz Ali Alkatiri, Rashid
Ali Al Marie
5. Purebred Arabian beginner plate
Majd’or, Ali Yousuf al-Kubaisi, Marco
6. Local thoroughbred maiden plate
Mallhog, Fahad Bin Mubarak al-Groon,
JP Guillambert
7. Thoroughbred Maiden Plate (2 years only)
Arges, Mohamed Ghazali, David Allan
8. Thoroughbred Handicap (Class 6)
Master Sergeant, Osama al al Duffair,
Szczepan Mazur

http://www.gulf-times.com/story/707110/Mater-beats-Dukhan-in-a-close-contest-to-win-Bu-Sa Mator defeats Ducan in a close contest to win the Busamura Cup

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