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Maxwell spends Christmas, 60th birthday behind the bar

New York: Isabel Maxwell leaves court as deliberation continues on the trail of New York’s sister Ghislaine Maxwell. — AFP

new York: Ghislaine Maxwell will spend Christmas Day (her 60th birthday) behind the bar after her sex crime trial jury interrupted the verdict on Wednesday without reaching a verdict. The twelve juries began considering Maxwell’s fate on Monday after a three-week trial, and have since met for a full two days to weigh the charges against her.

Judge Allison Nathan granted the jury’s request to take a break from Thursday and return to Monday after the Christmas holidays. Maxwell, the daughter of former British newspaper baron Robert Maxwell, has been accused of recruiting and caring for a young girl who has been sexually abused by the late American financier Jeffrey Epstein.

She faces a valid life imprisonment if convicted of prosecution. One is a plot to sexually traffick minors with up to 40 years in prison. At some point on Wednesday, the jury asked the judge for a copy of the testimony of a former manager of Epstein’s property in Palm Beach, Florida.

The jury also asked the judge for a copy of the testimony of the four women who testified to Maxwell during her high-profile trial. The jury must reach a unanimous decision for each of the six counts Maxwell is facing. If they disagree, the judge can declare a fraudulent trial.

Accusations against Maxwell occur between 1994 and 2004. Two of Epstein’s victims said they were 14 years old when Maxwell began to groom them and arrange for Epstein to be massaged after sexual activity. One was identified only as “Jane” and detailed how Maxwell hired her at the summer camp and made her feel “special”.

She said that sexual encounters with Epstein became routine and Maxwell sometimes existed. Another, according to Carolyn, said she was usually paid $ 300 by Maxwell herself, often after her sexual encounter with Epstein. The third victim is Annie Farmer, now 42, who said Maxwell caressed her as a teenager on Epstein’s New Mexico ranch. Epstein, 66, committed suicide in prison in 2019 while waiting for her sex crime trial. Maxwell was arrested the following year and put in jail after prosecutors considered her at risk of flight.

“Sophisticated predator”

During the trial, the prosecution described Maxwell as “a sophisticated predator who knows exactly what she is doing.” Prosecutor Allison Moe said Epstein was the “key” to a plan to seduce a young girl to massage, during which he would be sexually abused.

“Epstein liked underage girls and loved touching underage girls. Maxwell knew that,” Moe accused, and three of the four victims had Maxwell sexual intercourse. I remembered that I testified that I participated in. Moe also said Maxwell was a “female at home” at Epstein’s facility, processing every detail, including choosing lotions and oils for massage, and always ending up with sexual activity.

Maxwell was “a criminal partner of Epstein,” Moe said. “It’s time to hold her accountable.” Maxwell’s defense team argued that there wasn’t enough evidence to convict her, questioning the whistleblower’s ability to recall what happened a quarter of a century ago. .. The team also claimed that Maxwell was used as the “scapegoat” of Epstein’s crime after evading justice.

Maxwell refused to run, but made a brief statement to the judge on Friday. “Your honor, the government has not proved that claim beyond prima facie suspicion, so I don’t need to testify,” she said. -AFP

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