May 2nd 2200GMT Xinhua Middle East News Summary

Dubai-Dubai’s Consulate General of China and its expatriates have recorded a record amount of Ramadan charity this year, reflecting the great support for the United Arab Emirates in fighting the COVID-19 pandemics and achieving economic recovery. I made a donation. Said.

At a charity event jointly held by overseas Chinese and the Dubai Community Development Department, Omar Almutanna, head of CDA’s social regulation and licensing body, said the event eased the living pressures of vulnerable groups during the holy period. Said it helped to do. Promote friendship between the month of Ramadan and two countries and two people. (China-Ramadan-Charity donation)


Tehran-Iran’s Foreign Ministry summoned Iran’s Swedish ambassador for “continuous political detention” by former Iranian prosecutors on Sunday, the Tasnim News Agency reported on Monday.

Following the continued political detention of Iran’s Hamid Nouri by Swedish courts, the Iranian ministry summoned Matthias Lenz to “completely illegal and detain Hamid Nouri in Swedish court proceedings. It is under the influence of the unfounded claims of the opposition group. ” .. (Iran-Summon-Embassy of Sweden)


Jerusalem-Israel Communications Minister Yoaz Hendel and Israeli National Cyber ​​Agency (INCD) Secretary Gabby Portnoy will step up cyber defenses for telecommunications companies on Monday in the wake of recent cyberattacks on Israeli websites and networks. I urged you.

According to the new initiative, Israeli carriers need to prepare and implement a cyber defense program. For the first time, this includes an orderly and unified way of working, strengthening defense levels and proactively preparing for attacks, the Ministry of Communications and INCD. (Israel-Telecom Company-Cyber ​​Defense)


Baghdad-Iraqi soldiers and three Yazid militias from the Kurdistan Workers’ Party in Turkey were killed on Monday in a clash in the province of Ninebe in northern Iraq.

Ali Al Rawi, head of the media office of the 20th Division of the Iraqi Army, said, “When the militia of the Sinjar Conservation Unit (YBS), also known as the Sinjar (Sinjar) Resistance Unit, fired, it was fierce at dawn. A clash occurred. Armies outside the city of Sinjar, about 120 km west of Mosul, the capital of Ninawa. “(Iraq-Militia-Collision-Injured)–summary-at-2200-gmt-may-2 May 2nd 2200GMT Xinhua Middle East News Summary

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