May Party Ratings Show Many Floating Voters / Articles

Almost one-third (30%) of voters remain undecided in May, plus another 12% who say they never participate in the election. This wants politicians to persuade in another way.

In May, when asked if the Saeima elections would take place tomorrow, Prime Minister Krishyanikalish’s New Unification (JV) party stood on top of the mountain with 9.4% of support.

The second is the National Alliance (NA, 8.5%), another member of the current coalition, followed by the opposition Harmony (S, 7.6%) and the Greens and Farmers Union (ZZS, 6%). , For Development / For follows. !! !! (A / P, 5.6%). All those parties are represented by today’s Saeima.

Next is progressive (P, 4%), which is not currently in Saeima, followed by conservative (K, 3.2%). Other parties cannot get 3% support.

To win a seat at the 14th Saeima, the party must win at least 5% of the ballot (not 5% of the voters). Based on this, a modeling project where eight parties can be expected to win seats. In addition to the above seven, the Latvian Greens, the Latvian Regional Alliance, and the Liepaja Alliance.

However, with so few choices between political parties, it can be the fluctuating voters who will determine the direction of Latvian politics over the next four years. The proportion of undecided voters and non-participating voters both increased slightly from April to May. This means that over 42% of potential votes are still available.

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