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Mayor Sophia Jordanka Fandakova @Trud

This winter has been particularly harsh due to the high temperatures. price of all energy sources.of heating of people Sofia A large amount of gas is produced when is guaranteed. The problem is, price will be“. This was stated in the BNT by the Mayor SofiaJordanka Fandakova.

According to her, “Toproficasia Sofia” (heating system Sofia) are doomed to accumulate new debt in this situation. price Set by the Energy and Water Regulatory Commission, price “Toplofikatsia” buys gas.

The price to be purchased by Toplofikatsia is close to 300 lev/MWh, and the EWRC determined the price to sell the thermal energy, including a gas price of 114 lev. This is a big difference. If prices are current, by the end of the year Topofikatsia will accumulate more than 500 million new debts.“, Jordanka Fundacova Added.

She affirmed that the price could not be increased any further.”A long-term solution was to modernize Toplofikatsia and a working group was created.d,” added Mayor Sofia.

According to her, no change in ownership of Toplofikatsia from public is allowed and no privatization is foreseen, whether it is municipal or state-owned.

The most important thing is the construction of new power generation facilities. An open procedure for finding outside investors has been developed. Toproficacia is in a regulatory trap. A new network must be built – an investment of about 800 million. We will not put any more burden on citizens and increase the burden. priceas some experts talk about increasing price From January 1st again. For me this is unacceptable. price The rates set from 1st July are already quite high for citizens and they are already feeling it in their hot water bills.added Jordanka Fandakova.

According to her, compensation should be provided for gas as well as electricity.

Regular work at schools and kindergartens must be guaranteed, and school trips must not be permitted‘ said Jordanka Fandakova.

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