Mayor Hsinchu sues KMT city council member for plagiarism

Taipei City Mayor Lin Chih-chien (CNA) said on Tuesday that he had sued Wang Hung-wei, the mayor of Taipei City (KMT), for plagiarism. master’s thesis.

At a press conference, Lin said she would file a proceeding against the king in the coming days for her “false” allegations intended to “ruin the teacher’s reputation related to my reputation.” ..

He mentioned the professors who directed him while studying for a master’s degree in the Faculty of Business Administration at Chung Hua University.

About two weeks after being nominated by the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) to run for Mayor Tao Yuan in the November local elections, Lin’s accusations of the king raise the prospect of a candidate for mayor of the Kuomintang. He added that it was part of his efforts. Simon Chan (Chang San-cheng).

At the beginning of Tuesday, Wang accused Hayashi of forging a research report commissioned by Hsinchu Science Park and co-authored by Lee Yu-Yu and Wang Mei-ro. His master’s thesis at the University Faculty of Business Administration.

Lin’s paper is the same as the questionnaire contained in the appendix, from the introduction to the conclusion, Wang said at another press conference, adding that Lin even copied the typo that appeared in the research paper.

According to Mr. Wang, Mr. Lin orally published his treatise about a month after the research paper was submitted to the Park Bureau on June 20, 2008.

She called on Hayashi to “face what he did” and stop the mayoral election race, while urging Chung Hua University to investigate the matter.

In response, Lin displayed two identical statements that appeared to have been signed separately by his advisors, Ho Lee Singh (Katateyuki) and Wang Min Lan, and Lin was studying the Hsinchu Science Park. He said he was part of the team that carried out the project.

According to the statement, Lin participated in the development, distribution and analysis of the survey used in the survey.

The statement states that professors, including Lee, who was a member of Hayashi’s oral presentation committee, said it was “fair and rational” for him to use relevant data from research projects in his treatise. He added that he thought.

At a press conference on Tuesday, Lin also denied charges of plagiarism for the second time surrounding a master’s thesis at the National Taiwan University (NTU) National Development Graduate School, announced in 2017.

Political critic Huang Yangming, in a Facebook post on Tuesday, between the first two chapters of Lin’s treatise on the 2014 new middle mayor election and the first two chapters of the same student-written treatise. Yu Cheng-huang, a graduate school institute published in 2016, said that he found “significant similarities”.

Lin denied plagiarizing Yu’s work, saying it was Yu who “borrowed” his research material.

Hayashi said he finished the oral presentation of the treatise a year later than Yu because he was busy with the mayor’s duties after winning the election. 2014.

Chen Ming-tong, an adviser to the NTU Graduate School, is currently the director of the National Security Agency and announced on the same day that he would negotiate with Hayashi to provide research materials. excellent.

Meanwhile, NTU and Chung Hua University said on Tuesday that they would begin an investigation as soon as they received a plagiarism complaint, but said they had not yet received such a complaint against Lin. Mayor Hsinchu sues KMT city council member for plagiarism

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