MCAST Engineering students can now apply for a warrant

The Engineering Commission has approved four engineering programs offered by the Maltese University of Arts and Sciences (MCAST). This means that all current students are eligible to apply for an engineering warrant.

This was announced Wednesday by Minister of Education Clifting Lima and Minister of Public Works Planning Stephens Lindo Azzopardi.

In 2020, the Engineering Commission appointed the German quality assurance company ASIIN to audit the engineering courses of the university. Following a very rigorous process and positive audit results, the Engineering Committee has informed the university that it has “accepted ASIIN’s conclusions and approved the new BEng (Hons.) Program offered by MCAST.” bottom.

“Today’s announcement is a positive and decisive step for the university’s current 90 engineering students,” MCAST said in a statement.

In 2021, the College announced that MCAST engineering graduates who graduated before 2022 are eligible to apply for a warrant once they have completed the Pre-Warrant Qualification Course (PWQC). This recent development means that new graduates are eligible to apply for a warrant without additional courses. Since the first cohort in 2013, the college has enrolled 307 engineering graduates.

The university said that more than 90% of these graduates are employed full-time and work in areas directly related to their research.

MCAST’s Institute of Engineering and Transportation (IET) offers four different programs. That is, Bachelor of Engineering in Electronic Engineering (Hons), Bachelor of Engineering in Electronic Control Engineering (Hons), and Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering (Hons). Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) in (Manufacturing) and Mechanical Engineering (Plant).

The institute offers about 70 courses at various levels and is designed and offered in close collaboration with the industry. Course offers also include master’s programs in mechatronics, mechanical engineering, and aerospace engineering.

Professor James Calleja said, “This is always an important achievement for graduates who can directly apply for consideration of engineering warrant awards when they conclude work experience component requirements equivalent to the following programs of other approved institutions: We strive for quality and equality of respect. Today’s students are tomorrow’s engineers and leaders who are willing to contribute to our industry and society. “

Institute Director Ing. Stephen Sammut explained that the evaluator, the ASIIN Consult, is satisfied with the criteria achieved. ASIIN positively commented on all areas reviewed: curriculum, lecture offerings, lab resources, and staff resources. He also mentioned continued feedback from employers praising the practical approach and commitment to engineering professionals when MCAST graduates join the industry’s top players in various areas.

The university said it has been continuously investing in equipment over the past few years, including a new state-of-the-art building of € 7 million for the Institute of Engineering and Transportation, which was launched in May 2018.

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