Media: NATO deploys additional troops to the east-Baltic News Network

During this week’s summit in Madrid, NATO agrees to significantly expand its presence on the eastern side. Estonian ERR Report with reference to the announcement from the Financial Times.

Western allies promise troops, ships and aircraft to a “new structure” that can be quickly deployed to the eastern flank, the newspaper reported after an interview with NATO Secretary General Jens Stortenberg.

An agreement on the Alliance’s new strategy will be reached at the Madrid Summit. This new strategy details our goals for the next 10 years. The newspaper wrote that NATO plans to dramatically improve eastern defense, focusing on deterring all types of attacks and expanding defense across the territory of the alliance.

Regarding comments from Estonia’s Prime Minister Kaja Kallas that Estonia could be “cleaned from the map” under the Alliance’s current plans, Stoltenberg said he would discuss this topic with all three Baltic states. rice field.

“I accept [Kallas] Wanting more NATO, I can promise her[. . .]More presence. »»

Stortemberg said: “Our main responsibility is to prevent attacks on Estonia and other allies.”

He said the alliance would “significantly strengthen” Eastern Europe’s defenses and promised that Tallinn would not be robbed during the Russian invasion.

Jānis Sārts, director of the NATO Strategic Communication Center of Excellence, emphasizes that the Baltic states need greater reinforcements from other countries, but the situation is not yet dramatic.

He also stated that the purpose behind the deployment of NATO troops was to prevent Russia from attacking.

Estonia, in collaboration with Latvia and Lithuania, has submitted a joint proposal to NATO to establish divisional command in each country, deploy additional units and provide additional arms supplies.

The Estonian Ministry of Defense told ERR that the division is the smallest unit that can guarantee compatibility with all types of units, including infantry, navy, and air force.

Russia’s full-scale war in Ukraine means that the Baltic states no longer want deterrence, only “preventive defense.”

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