Median salary in Switzerland reached CHF 6,665 in 2020

The data released this week was released on Swiss salaries in 2020. If you work full-time and earn more than CHF 6,665 a month, you are in the top 50% of Swiss salary earners. If you earn less, you were in the lower half.

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At current exchange rates, CHF 6,665 per month is sold for approximately US $ 87,000 per year.

To be in the top 10% of the highest salary, the total monthly salary must exceed CHF 11,996 (CHF 143,952). If the total salary is less than CHF 4,382 (CHF 52,584), it may be at least 10% of full-time Swiss salaries.

The most paid sectors were banks (CHF 10,211), pharmaceuticals (CHF 10,040) and telecommunications (CHF 9,200). The lowest wage sectors were the retail industry (CHF 4,997) and the restaurant industry (CHF 4,479).

The regions that received the highest payments were Zurich (CHF 7,113), northwestern Switzerland (CHF 6,789) and the Lake Geneva region (CHF 6,731). The regions with the lowest median wages were central Switzerland (CHF 6,585), eastern Switzerland (CHF 6,274) and Ticino (CHF 5,546).

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