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Megamula is second to none when it comes to lucrative deals and jackpot wins. In 2020, nine Megamula winners were paid more than 70 million euros to win. The maximum amount of the Megamula jackpot in 2020 exceeded 16 million euros and the minimum amount was 3 million euros.

shock? Well, this was certainly not the best jackpot in Megamula’s history, so I’m stunned.

The biggest jackpot in Megamula history to date was won by an anonymous Grand Mondial player in 2018. He was paid a huge amount of over € 18 billion, which has not yet been reset in the Megamula world record.

Mega Moolah has awarded such jackpots to lucky winners since 2007. And the amount of these jackpots is certainly not a joke. If you want to know more about the victory of the Mega Moolah winner, get ready and sit firmly.

In this article, we’ll explore some of the biggest jackpots MegaMoolah players have won since 2007.

What is Megamula?

Among many Other slot games, Mega Moolah is one of the popular jungle theme based online casino games. This slot machine game is a product of Microgaming and boasts a variety of jackpot trading for players. Players can win mini, major, minor and mega jackpots.

The progressive jackpot feature is one of the few reasons why it is so popular with casino players. In addition, you can access these fascinating jackpot games from your mobile or desktop.

There is also a dedicated mobile-friendly site that you can access from your tablet to improve the user experience. However, the downloaded version of Mega Moolah can only be installed on Windows-based devices.

Winner of the biggest Megamoula jackpot

Most of the Mega Moolah Jackpot winners come from the UK, Canada, Europe, New Zealand, South Korea and finally Japan. According to Mega Moolah, about 50% of the winners are from Canada and 20% are from the United Kingdom.

To add further to these statistics, most of the record-breaking jackpots are citizens of these two countries. This is due to the increasing acceptance of online casinos in Canada and the United Kingdom.

After all, these countries are important shareholders of the world’s top gambling industry.

Below is a list of the biggest winners of the Megamula Jackpot!

Record-breaking jackpot

The largest Mega Mura jacket before 2018 was € 13.2 million and was won by Jonathan Haywood in 2015. Haywood is from England and is a British soldier. When Jonathan won this record-breaking jackpot, he was playing 25p per spin slot game.

He was overwhelmed when the mega jackpot appeared on his device screen. This amount was also recorded in the Guinness World Records as “the biggest jackpot payout in online slot games”.

“Lady Rack” Jackpot

Jon Orchard won a € 6.3 million mega jackpot while playing the Microgaming game “Butler Bingo”. This was the third time that a jackpot of over € 5 million was won.

After this sudden “lucky” visit, Orchard quit his job and bought a Jaguar. He also said he was planning to buy a house for his daughter at the time of his victory.

From 5 euros to millions of euros

Now, this is your typical “incredible” sudden lottery winning story. Because Giorgio couldn’t believe it. In 2009, Georgias instantly became a millionaire while sitting at his home in Greece. He won € 6.3 million Megamula Jackpot while playing € 5 per spin slot game.

Turned bets from 0.50c to $ 5.5 million

Who said that the “Rag to Wealth” plot doesn’t really exist? Well, the story of the winner of this Megamula Jackpot certainly belongs to that category, so anyone who says that is wrong.

In 2008, Klaus from Finland won $ 5.5 million with a coin bet of just 0.50c. Seeing the jackpot amount displayed on the screen of the device, he thought it was a US-based mobile phone number.

However, Klaus’s misunderstanding was short-lived. Soon he got a call from the casino about his victory, and the rest is history.

Except for recent Mega Mura winners

Well, the 2000s and 2010s weren’t just the decades of Megamura’s biggest jackpot. 2022 has just begun, but this year it recorded its latest victory of over € 10 million in early February.

The best winner of the 2021 Megamula Jackpot is from Belgium, Europe.This player has won an amazing victory Over 19 million euros Absolootly Mad in slot games. If you wish to remain anonymous, no detailed information about the player will be available.


Megamula games are definitely exciting and fun. but, Play Mega Mula In the game, you need to make sure that this platform is accessible from your location.

Not all countries legally allow online gambling. That’s also why certain casinos may be available in other countries but not yours. Mega Moolah’s Biggest Victory-Romanian Journal

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