Meloni statue fighting Maradona in Naples nativity scene

(ANSA) – ROME, November 3 – A statuette of Italy’s first female prime minister, Giorga Meloni, competes with statuettes of Argentine soccer legend Diego Maradona and Britain’s Elizabeth II. Jenny Di Virgilio told Italian radio on Thursday.

Di Virgilio, one of the top precepe artists on the iconic Via San Gregorio Armeno, said that his portrayal of Meloni in victory, produced even before his big victory in the September 25 elections, was “among all his works. It was one of the most popular works and especially one of the smaller versions, 15 cm high and 20 euros.”

Di Virgilio told An Giorno da Pecora when asked who is the best-selling Christmas so far this year. (ANSA).

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