“Men can be provoked from other cultures”: Swedish asylum prohibits Ukrainian women from wearing shorts

Prior to the conflict in Ukraine, asylum seekers, mainly from Islamic countries, formed the majority of refugees arriving in Sweden, with Afghanistan, Syrians and Iraqi forming the largest group.

A female asylum seeker from Ukraine living in a Galaxen accommodation in the town of Olofstrom in Blekinge County, southern Sweden, was hit by a dress code, Swedish radio. report..

Small visible shorts and blouses are some of the unwelcome garments for Ukrainian women in Galaxen. The formal explanation provided by the authorities is that it “may inspire men from other cultures” who happen to live in the same accommodation.

While this measure is clearly designed to protect women themselves, refugee activist Gitana Bengtsson is strongly critical of the dress code.

“they [the Ukrainian women] Usually I was dressed like you and me. They didn’t look like prostitutes. The site manager said he shouldn’t wear light clothing so that he can see the parts of his body. He said they shouldn’t wear small shorts or skirts, “Bengtsson told Swedish Radio.

Gitana Bengtsson reported the incident to Tjejjouren, a feminist association that assists women in difficult situations, and promised to arrange a meeting for women to inform them of their rights.

Since the start of Russia’s special operation in Ukraine to demilitarize and denazify the country, millions of Ukrainians have traveled to Russia to the east and Europe to the west. According to the Nordic countries’ immigration committee, more than 37,000 Ukrainians are seeking asylum in Sweden.

Prior to the conflict, asylum seekers, primarily from the Middle East and North Africa, dominated the flow of refugees to Scandinavian countries, with Afghanistan, Syria and Iraq forming the largest groups.

Eastern Europe in general, especially Ukraine, has emerged as a provider of prostitutes in Sweden in recent years. For example, during the latest “Tara” operation by Swedish police, 30 out of 38 men arrested for buying sex procured services from Ukrainian women.

according to Many of the national broadcasters SVT are said to have been drawn into sex trade through marketing on Ukrainian online forums. There, money and accommodation are provided to travel to Sweden and sell the bodies. According to Swedish police, this is a trend break. Ukrainian women identified in previous operations most often experienced prostitution before. “Men can be provoked from other cultures”: Swedish asylum prohibits Ukrainian women from wearing shorts

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