Men need US $ 95,000 surgery after neighbors are beaten

A man who was left quadriplegic after being attacked by a Quintana Roo neighbor is now facing surgery costs worth US $ 95,000.

Roberto Gonzalez was assaulted at his home in Playa del Carmen in January 2017 after a fight with his neighbor.

Gonzales and his son were preparing for a trip to a hot air balloon show in Yucatan when a neighbor’s unruly dog ​​entered their property, Gonzales said in an interview with the newspaper. Mirenio..

“We exchanged words. She [Fernanda Salcedo] Went for her husband [Rodrigo Galán] I don’t know what she said to him. Her husband came to me … he surprised me with a taser, and I got off … when I tried to get up, he hit me until he left me quadriplegic, I started kicking, “he said from a wheelchair in his apartment in Mexico City. He moved temporarily to get medical care.

Once an avid sportsman, the attack brought a downward spiral to Gonzales.

“My health is very delicate. My body doesn’t work as it used to. I used to be deeply involved in sports. I liked doing triathlons, running open water marathons and running. I ran almost every day but now I can’t … my family life was completely destroyed. I had to divorce … I don’t have enough money. We have a car Had to sell, we had to sell everything you could imagine. To deal with that, we had to sell most of the clothes, “he said. Said.

A previously unavailable operation in Mexico is being offered in Guadalajara, Jalisco, and Gonzales has asked for help raising US $ 95,000 on social media to regain some mobility and walk again. I want it.

“It’s not 100% certain. They don’t guarantee that you can move or walk again, but I’m willing to try everything with my power. I dream. Increasingly, I want to walk again. To hug someone again, to be like before, or at least to be part of who I am, “he said.

Gonzales’ quest for justice has never been easier. He has filed two proceedings, which are proceeding at a slow pace and are 18 years behind. Amparos — — Legal injunction to protect an individual’s constitutional rights — — Placed by Galan.

“The civil and criminal system is too late to move from one date to another. Then there is a pandemic and everyone seems to be on vacation … Unfortunately, the system is very slow. I am the authorities, the judiciary. We are asking the system to speed it up … 5 years, and nothing has been achieved, “he said.

In the report from Mirenio Men need US $ 95,000 surgery after neighbors are beaten

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