MEP warns EU parliament over prison phone surveillance

MEP Giorgos Georgiou reported to the chairman of the European Parliament’s Commission of Inquiry on allegations and media reports regarding the alleged intent of telephone surveillance in Cyprus’ Central Prison.

In an urgent letter to the chairman of the commission, Georgiou points to the letter leaked to the press. In the letter, Minister of Justice Stephy Drakou called on the prison department to upgrade and use surveillance software.

Georgiou added that the incident raises concerns about the rule of law in Cyprus, given that companies that manufacture and export such software are active in Cyprus.

MEP, one of the vice-chairmen of the EP’s commission of inquiry into the use of Pegasus and equivalent spyware (PEGA), said its chairman, Dutch MEP After sending a letter to Jeroen Lenaers, the Commission will conduct a fact-finding mission in Athens.

The PEGA Commission’s next meeting is scheduled for August 30 and is expected to focus on the use of surveillance software on citizens.

In a letter, Georgiou said there was a scandal in Cyprus over the Ministry of Justice reportedly allowing surveillance of cell phones in prisons in exchange for stepping up the use of jamming software, according to a press release. I’m here.

Georgiou said Justice Minister Stephie Drakou had verbally instructed the prison department to upgrade and fully use the existing software, according to media reports. This includes enabling automatic monitoring that records identification data about your phone device, SIM card, and the date and time of your calls. Coordinate.

The MEP also said in a letter sent by the Ministry of Justice to the Prisons Department on 28 February 2022 that it had been leaked to the media, but the minister repeated her instructions in writing, saying that this He said it reinforces the ministry’s intended reading. Upgrade your software so it can be used for surveillance instead of jamming.

On recent developments in Greece, Georgiou said it would be unacceptable if it was confirmed that MEPs and party leaders were being spied on, adding to the European Commission’s 2022 report on the rule of law. is the Predator software equivalent to Pegasus. MEP warns EU parliament over prison phone surveillance

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