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Mercury will decorate the sky in Qatar on Thursday-Doha News

The Star We will reach the perihelion on Thursday. This is the closest point to the Sun in the orbiting celestial path.

Mercury is ready to illuminate the Qatar sky on Thursday, April 14, and will reach the closest point in orbit around the Sun, the Qatar Calendar House (QCH) has announced.

The smallest planets in our solar system will appear early Thursday morning at 1:48 am Doha local time.

Dr. Bashir Marzouq, an astronomy expert at QCH, said the phenomenon occurred in Qatar on the west horizon of the skies of the Gulf countries, using astronomical equipment such as telescopes after sunset at 5:56 pm local time in Doha. Said that it can be observed in the community of. 6:52 pm, away from light and environmental pollutants.

The perihelion is the closest position, such as the shortest distance between the sun and the planet. The term comes from Greece and literally means around the sun (Helios) (Peri).

For Mercury, the planet’s apsidal precession is 5,600 arcseconds (1.5556 °) per century with respect to Earth.

Studies show that changes in the distance between Mercury and the Sun result in twice the amount of solar energy on the surface of the planet when it is at the aphelion compared to a point far from the Sun (called the aphelion). increase.

Experts explained that the planet reaches the closest point in orbit around the sun once every 88 days. This is equivalent to Mercury making a complete orbit around the Sun. The last perihelion was reached on Sunday, January 16, 2022, but will be reached again on Monday, July 11, 2022.

Known as one of the smallest rocky planets in our solar system, Mercury is on average 58 million kilometers from the Sun. Also, there are no satellites orbiting around it, and no atmosphere like Earth that protects against solar storms and eruptions.

Small plants do not have their own moon and rotate around the sun faster than all other planets. Therefore, the Romans named it after the fast-paced messenger god.

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