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MES genius appears in Indian and Asian record books

Shahan Mohamed of Class II-L of MES Indian School won the title of “the biggest logo that a child can identify in one minute” in a contest held by the India Book of Records.

Thanks to his awe-inspiring memory, Shahan identified the “Record” 104 logo for e-commerce, vehicles, social media, food brands, football clubs and other brands in one minute, and the Indian record book. It was published in. ..
The contest was conducted online and the skills of the participants were recognized based on the verification conducted by the editorial board of the Indian Record Book.
He also achieved the title of “Grand Master” in the Asian record book in the same next edition.
Shahan achieved great achievements at the age of 6, 10, and 30 days, as confirmed by the Indian Record Book on December 9, 2021.
Originally from Kerala, southern India, Shahan began to show signs of interest in memorizing and identifying various things from an early age. His parents discovered his extraordinary interest and motivated him to enhance his special aptitude. In addition to representing the school in various interschool quiz competitions, he is also an excellent scholar. School management and principals praised Shahan for his achievements.
“It’s certainly a proud moment for the MES Indian School, as the kid has gained confidence and won a great title in style,” said school director Hameda Kadar, congratulating him on his achievements.

http://www.gulf-times.com/story/708377/MES-prodigy-enters-India-and-Asia-books-of-records MES genius appears in Indian and Asian record books

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