Met Éireann issues a thunderstorm warning when temperatures reach 31 degrees

Met Éireann has issued a yellow thunderstorm warning for tomorrow.

That’s as the country is currently dealing with a heat wave, with temperatures of 31 degrees Celsius previously recorded in Clonmel, County Tipperary.

The high temperature warning, issued over the weekend, looks set to continue until Monday.

The alert will run from 3:00 pm Sunday to 3:00 am Monday.

Ireland’s all-time August temperature record was broken on Friday, reaching 31.7 degrees Celsius in Oak Park, County Carlow.

Previous records were set by Barry Britta and his wife from Colorado in 1975 and by Oak Park himself in 1995.

A heatwave was officially declared in Ireland early on Sunday.

After 5 days in a row with temperatures above 25 degrees. At Cork’s Moore Park on Saturday he recorded 28.8.

A yellow temperature warning for Met Éireann runs through Monday.


Sunday is another hot day with temperatures reaching 25 to 30 degrees Celsius, although it’s not as hot in the North and Northwest.

Most parts of the country will have dry and sunny mornings, with a few showers in the north.

Severe thunderstorms will be scattered across the country in the afternoon and evening, with some hail.

Heavy, slow downpours will occur and localized flooding may occur. The wind will be light and changeable.

The sunny weather is expected to turn to heavy rain by Monday, with temperatures dropping quickly into the low teens or early 20s. Met Éireann issues a thunderstorm warning when temperatures reach 31 degrees

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