Met Office Releases First Forecast for Christmas – Will It Snow on December 25?

THE Met office has revealed its first forecast for Christmas and whether or not it will snow.

Today meteorologists have given the first insight of December 25th. This will come in handy for anyone trying to plan a celebration.


Japan Meteorological Agency Releases Christmas Forecastcredit:

The UK Met Office’s long-range forecast calls for stable weather in the UK, with temperatures near normal for the time of year.

However, it can rain, some dry days, and temperatures can plummet.

And will it be a white Christmas? I don’t know – no mention of snow, just overnight frost and fog.

“Confidence for this period remains low,” the forecast said.

Britons warned about exact dates for snow as temperatures plummet in weeks
Torrential rain triggers flood warning, yellow weather warning lasts for 2 days

“The situation is expected to be calmer than it has been in recent times, and anticyclones are likely to form near the UK, at least initially.

“But as time goes on, we may see a drier intermission as the front system moves in from the west.

“Temperatures are likely to average to near-normal overall, but cooler conditions are possible with the risk of overnight frost and fog.”

After a torrential downpour flood and weather warnings today.

The Bureau of Meteorology has issued three yellow weather warnings, two of them for the entire weekend, and 52 flood warnings as heavy rains and gusts of up to 55mp hit the country. Met Office Releases First Forecast for Christmas – Will It Snow on December 25?

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