Metformin might promote wholesome growing old primarily based on genetics

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A analysis workforce from the College of Public Well being, LKS College of Medication of the College of Hong Kong (HKUMed), supplies genetic proof that metformin would possibly promote wholesome growing old utilizing a cohort examine of greater than 300,000 contributors of European descent (UK Biobank).

This proof-of-concept work helps additional scientific analysis into the drug repositioning of metformin in wholesome longevity. The findings are revealed in The Lancet Wholesome Longevity.

Metformin is a first-line remedy for kind 2 diabetes. Rising proof suggests metformin’s advantages prolong far past diabetes and should promote wholesome growing old. Nevertheless, earlier observational research will be biased, whereas scientific trials of metformin in longevity are underway and a few genetic research urged metformin might have protecting results in opposition to different aging-related illnesses similar to most cancers and Alzheimer’s illness.

To handle the function of metformin in wholesome longevity, the analysis workforce got down to examine this analysis query by exploring the target-specific impact of metformin on biomarkers of growing old utilizing genetics (i.e. drug-target Mendelian randomization) in a big cohort examine. Since genetic variants are randomly allotted at conception, this supplies a probably much less biased evaluation in whether or not metformin might promote wholesome longevity compared to standard pharmacoepidemiologic research.

Analysis strategies and findings

The examine included 321,412 white British contributors from the UK Biobank with legitimate genomic and phenotypic knowledge. The researchers derived growing old metrics of curiosity, together with phenotypic age derived from chronological age and 9 scientific markers, and leukocyte telomere size (LTL).

To evaluate the target-specific impact of metformin in biomarkers of growing old, the researchers recognized variants within the protein-encoding genes associated to metformin utilizing knowledge from the Genotype-Tissue Expression (GTEx) challenge and UK Biobank, with related statistical approaches (i.e. Mendelian randomization and colocalisation). The researchers additionally used a traditional observational design to match biomarkers of growing old by metformin customers solely with customers of different antidiabetic medicine by way of propensity rating matching in UK Biobank.

The analysis workforce discovered that glycated hemoglobin (HbA1c) reducing induced by the metformin goal GPD13 had been related to youthful phenotypic age and longer LTL, whereas AMPKγ2 (PRKAG2)4 was related to youthful phenotypic age solely. Such results is perhaps partly as a result of glycemic property of metformin. These findings from genetic analyses had been corroborated by the propensity rating matching analyses.

Metformin is a extremely inexpensive drugs with a recognized security profile and has lengthy been on the WHO Mannequin Lists of Important Medicines. This drug-target Mendelian randomization supplies genetic proof that encourages additional exploration of this secure and inexpensive remedy to be repurposed for the promotion of wholesome growing old.

“Rising proof suggests metformin can also exert its impact by way of glycemic-independent pathways. Higher understanding of mechanisms of metformin motion utilizing large knowledge approaches and totally different omics is warranted and enhance analysis of its repositioning potential,” mentioned Dr. Luo Shan, Analysis Assistant Professor, College of Public Well being, HKUMed.

The findings might foreshadow outcomes from the TAME (Focusing on Growing old with Metformin) trial, the first-ever anti-aging examine authorized by the U.S. Meals and Drug Administration, to judge the function of metformin in longevity, which is in its preparatory stage.

“Our work has demonstrated the utility of utilizing large-scale epidemiologic research and genomic knowledge in evaluating drug reposition alternatives. Genetic validation research, similar to this examine, shall assist enhance the success fee of subsequent scientific trials,” mentioned Dr. Ryan Au Yeung Shiu-lun, Assistant Professor, College of Public Well being, HKUMed.

Extra info:
Shan Luo et al, Results of putative metformin targets on phenotypic age and leukocyte telomere size: a mendelian randomisation examine utilizing knowledge from the UK Biobank, The Lancet Wholesome Longevity (2023). DOI: 10.1016/S2666-7568(23)00085-5

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