Metro, tram, ISAP train, 3 hours outage, May 10th, rally in downtown Athens

The Athens subway, city train ISAP and tram will not operate for 3 hours on Tuesday morning, May 10 due to a suspension of work initiated by the STASY trade union.

The union said the suspension would continue from 9 am to noon.

Metro, tram and ISAP trains will be withdrawn from traffic before 9am and will resume normal operation by noon.

STASY members have called on all employees of the transportation company to participate in protests against the government’s planned labor law.

According to STASY’s union announcement, workers participated in the labor suspension launched by the Athens Labor Center and the civil-sector trade union ADEDY, and the State Council filed an appeal against the so-called Hachidakis Act against the union.

The Hachidakis Act was passed in June 2021 and limits union independence and the right to strike.

However, the rest of public transportation Reportedly It is expected to work normally.

ADEDY will hold a rally at 9:30 am. Outside the CoS on Panepistimiou Avenue in downtown Athens.

Two hours later, at 11:30 am, the Panhelenic Public Hospital Employees’ Federation (POEDIN) from Syntagma Square from the Ministry of Health near Omonia Square to protest a bill to privatize part of Greece’s primary care. We are planning to hold a protest march against. Introducing the system and folk surgery, the so-called “Afternoon surgeryAt a public hospital. Metro, tram, ISAP train, 3 hours outage, May 10th, rally in downtown Athens

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