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MEW replaces sodium with LED bulbs

As part of its consumption rationalization policy, the Ministry of Power, Water and Renewable Energy is considering six tenders submitted by professional technology companies to replace street lighting with LED lampposts in various regions of Kuwait. increase.

The ministry said it has done a lot of research related to streamlining consumption, including bidding to replace sodium bulbs in street lights with LED bulbs. It consumes and reports local Arabic daily newspapers.

Sources said the efficiency of these lamps was investigated after being installed in some areas such as Al Raqqa and Hadiyah, and they are capable of saving about 70% of the energy consumption consumed by sodium lamps. I understand. The Ministry is committed to completing projects to replace incandescent lighting with LEDs in various provinces.

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https://timeskuwait.com/news/mew-to-replace-sodium-with-led-bulbs/ MEW replaces sodium with LED bulbs

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