Mexican-born girl with 6cm tail covered in hair and skin, doctor removes very rare defect

Mumbai, November 25th: In a rare case in Mexico, a girl was born with a tail. The 6 cm long tail was reportedly “covered with hair and skin.” According to reports, the birth of a girl with a tail is a very rare phenomenon, with fewer than 200 recorded cases.

according to daily mail, an unnamed infant was born in a rural hospital in Nuevo Leon. The child was born to a healthy couple in their late twenties. After the child’s birth, doctors immediately noticed her 5.7 cm (2.2 inches) long tail. Doctors described the tail as “soft”, “covered with skin and fine hair” and “pointy” at the tip. Nailless hands: A viral image of this rare medical condition has taken the internet by storm.

The case came to light after the child’s case was published in the Journal of Pediatric Surgery Case Reports. A team of doctors, reportedly led by Dr. Josue Rueda, believes the birth of a girl with a tail is the first in Mexico. Doctors also said the baby was born full term and no complications were reported during the pregnancy.

Shortly after giving birth, doctors noticed a tail. According to doctors, the diameter of his protruding tail varied between 3mm and 5mm. “The structures were soft, skin-covered, with fine hairs and could be moved passively and painlessly, but no spontaneous movements were seen. When the structures were pinched with a needle, the baby I cried,” the doctor said in the journal.

The journal’s case also showed that the girl was in good health, with normal brain, heart, hearing and urine tests. It is said to have emerged from the tail. Normally, the tail reabsorbs itself to form the coccyx.

Doctors also said they performed a scan that showed the tail was not the result of a spinal problem. They said the girl was healthy in weight and height, but her tail had grown to 0.8 cm (0.3 in) again. The world’s most expensive vegetable, ‘hop shoots’, sells for a whopping 85,000 rupees per kilogram. Known for its medicinal properties (see photo).

With minor surgery, doctors removed the tail. They said the baby hasn’t had any complications. Humans and their apes reportedly lost their tails when they diverged from monkeys about 20 million years ago. It should be noted that in certain faiths and cultures, human tails are considered sacred and therefore worshiped.

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