Mexico ranked 4th in new indicators of global organized crime

According to the new Organized Crime Index, Mexico has the fourth highest crime level in the world.

Only the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Colombia and Myanmar have higher crime scores than Mexico. Global Organized Crime Index 2021Described as the first tool of its kind designed to assess the level of organized crime and resilience to organized crime activity.

Developed over the past two years by the Global Initiative for International Organized Crime, a non-governmental organization based in Switzerland, the index measures organized crime in all 193 UN member states.

“Results from a comprehensive dataset informed by experts around the world portray concerns about the extent, scale and impact of organized crime. For example, today, 80% of the world’s population. It’s a cool idea to live in a country with a high crime rate nearby. ” Index report Said.

Mexico’s score in the index was 7.56, which consists of the criminal market and criminal actor components.

A confiscated weapon aimed at a cartel smuggled from the United States in 2021.

In the crime market considering trafficking, trafficking, arms smuggling, flora crime, fauna crime, non-renewable resource crime, heroine, cocaine, marijuana and synthetic drug trading, Mexico is on average the number one in the world or It is ranked as the worst. Score 8.

In the category of mafia-style groups, criminal networks, nationally embedded actors, and criminal actors targeting foreign actors, Mexico was ranked 22nd with an average score of 7.13.

Index Mexico Overview He elaborated on the various organized issues in a country with large and powerful criminal organizations such as the Jalisco New Generation Cartel and the Sinaloa Cartel.

Mexico is a transit country for trafficking, and sexual trafficking within Mexico and into the United States is “substantial.”

“Pandemic exacerbates the conspiracy between corrupt officials and traffickers who prey on immigrants through forced involvement in the criminal economy and blackmail, and officials do not rely on bribes and organized crime for the benefit. It became dependent on the connection of the people, “the summary said.

He also states that the arms trafficking market has been established in Mexico and that animal and plant crimes are a serious problem.

“Drug traffickers control timber smuggling in Jalisco, forcing the community to pay protection quotas,” the summary said.

“… The transportation of rosewood, managed by the Chinese mafia and other groups operating locally and locally, is important, with dozens of cargoes primarily destined for the Chinese furniture market in Pacific ports and the Yucatan Peninsula each year. It has been confiscated. “

Regarding fauna crime, it is summarized that the demand for wildlife in Mexico is increasing and includes popular species such as jaguars, golden eagles, parrots, macaws and reptiles. He also mentioned the illegal trade in Totoaba, a fish species whose floats are considered a delicacy in China.

“This trade generates hundreds of millions of dollars a year, and a pound of Totoaba floats is worth more than cocaine. Illegal trade in Mexican sea cucumbers is also important, causing violence in Yucatan and Campeche,” the summary said. ..

Among the other non-drug crimes it mentioned were oil theft and illegal gold and silver mining.

When it comes to narcotics, the summary is that most heroin sold in the United States is produced in Mexico, especially in the northern part of the Golden Triangle in Chihuahua, Sinaloa and Durango.

Mexico was also quoted in timber smuggling.

“The Mexican cartel is also participating in the production and transportation of methamphetamine, and more and more fentanyl. Both are becoming more and more popular in the United States, where fentanyl kills tens of thousands of people each year.” I am.

“… Mexico’s cocaine transaction is not integrated due to internal fragmentation, but the market is large. Mexican actors serve as major brokers and carriers, cartels in Colombia and Central America. It is becoming more active in the cocaine industry. Much of the violence by rival cartels involves managing northbound transportation routes. “

When it comes to criminals, in summary, the Mexican drug trafficking organization is one of the most sophisticated mafia-style groups in the world.

“The fragmentation of the cartel has reduced the number of groups with large international operations, but the rest of the group has a network that spans most of the Americas, extending to Europe and Asia.” I am.

“… Drug trafficking organizations are focused on international drug trafficking, generating billions of dollars annually, but many sources of income, including oil theft, illegal logging, trafficking, kidnapping, and robbery. Is deeply rooted, “says the summary.

He pointed out that the cartel has firearms, including military weapons, and that conflicts are widespread between competing groups and national security forces.

“Drug cartels control most of Mexico’s territory and employ nations through bribes and intimidation with the aim of promoting illegal activity and influencing democratic processes. The union politicians are frequently killed or threatened by the Mafia trying to ensure they are in power, “the summary said.

This indicator also measured the resilience of each country to organized crime. It is defined as “the ability to withstand and disrupt organized crime activities through political, economic, legal and social measures.”

Mexico ranked 112th in its category, giving countries scores based on 12 indicators including political leadership and governance, national policy and law, and law enforcement. Mexico has a score of 4.46, well below the scores of Finland and Liechtenstein, which ranked first in 8.42.

According to the Mexican summary, “a powerful militarized approach to tackling organized crime has produced a variety of results.”

“Corruption is widespread, causing collusion among law enforcement agencies, judges and criminals. Violence and criminal immunity associated with organized crime are record high and access to legal proceedings. Is not enough. “

“… The government lacks a cohesive security strategy in which attempts to combat corruption and organized crime are highly politicized or regarded as an effort to embarrass past governments. He proposed new technically illegal policies, such as centralizing the management of the entire organization and having Marines take charge of the port’s customs activities. “

The resilience section of the summary also stated that structural flaws in Mexico’s legal system hindered its ability to combat organized crime, and that laws related to organized crime were not fully enforced.

Mexico’s overall crime score far exceeded that of its North American trading partners, the United States and Canada, and was ranked 66th and 161st in the index, respectively. The country with the lowest crime score was Tuvalu, a small island nation in the South Pacific.

Mexico News Daily Mexico ranked 4th in new indicators of global organized crime

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