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Mexico’s coronavirus deaths approach 299,000 – latest update

Covid-19 infected more than 280 million people worldwide and killed more than 5.4 million people. Here are some of the latest developments related to coronavirus:

According to experts, Mexican figures could represent a significant undercount for both Covid-19 cases and deaths. (Reuters Archive)

Monday, December 27, 2021

Mexico’s death toll reaches 298,777

In Mexico, the number of additional cases of coronavirus infection increased by 3,719, the number of deaths increased by 107, the total number of confirmed cases was 3,951,003, and the number of deaths due to pandemics was 298,777.

The latest figures include data collected over a two-day period.

Experts say government figures are likely to represent a significant underestimation of both Covid-19 cases and deaths.

China reports 200 new Covid cases

Health officials said China reported 200 newly confirmed cases of coronavirus from 206 cases a day ago.

Of the new infections, 162 were locally infected, compared to 158 a day ago, according to a statement from the National Health Commission. Most of the new local cases occurred in the northwestern part of Shaanxi Province.

China has reported 27 new asymptomatic cases, which are classified separately from the confirmed cases, from 29 the day before.

There were no new deaths, with 4,636 deaths. In mainland China, there were 101,277 confirmed cases as of the end of December.

Support for the Japanese Prime Minister as voters welcome his measures against Covid

According to the Nikkei newspaper, nearly two-thirds of Japanese voters support Prime Minister Fumio Kishida’s government, and the public welcomes measures against coronavirus, including the temporary closure of borders by new foreign entrants.

According to the newspaper, Fumio Kishida’s cabinet approval rating rose 4 points from last month’s survey to 65%.

In the latest survey, conducted Friday-Sunday, 61% of those surveyed positively rated Kishida’s anti-coronavirus measures. This is the highest since Nikkei began seeking public opinion on the government’s response to the coronavirus in February 2020.

Fumio Kishida announced in late November that Japan had banned foreigners from invading for about a month as highly infectious coronavirus omicron variants emerged worldwide. Last week he extended the measures until the year-end and New Year holidays.

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