Mexico’s militarization in the limelight after the National Guard killed a student in Guanajuato

One student died and another was injured in a bullet fired by a National Guard agent. This situation occurred this Wednesday in Guanajuato near Irapuato.

In a statement issued by the National Guard, the agent fired his gun as the boy’s truck movement created “confusion and uncertainty.” The murdered student, Angel Ranhel, was 19 years old and was studying agriculture. His partner was seriously injured. The third student was unharmed.

The University of Guanajuato published a message on the network, blaming what happened. “We deny the violence that mourns the university community again and join the legitimate social demands for living in peace.” PAN Governor Diego Singhue also criticized what happened. .. An element of the National Guard.

The death of a young man casts doubt on the actions of guards participating in more conflicts each year. In a 2021 work report released in February, the National Guard had more “125 events with deadly firearms” accumulated over the past few years during the year. I reported that I recorded it. From August 2019 to April 2021, corporate elements participated in 63 conflicts with’invaders’, according to the count of the Miguel Agustin Pro Human Rights Center, which is based on information obtained through the Transparency Act. ..

The Procenter also reported that 14 agents were killed in these clashes and 89 civilians were killed. At least five of those 89 were foreigners to any armed group. In the 2021 report, the National Guard avoids providing details of the 125 events recorded last year. Only in that one case was the decision to “use excessive force”, which led to an investigation by the National Human Rights Commission of Korea (CNDH) and subsequent reporting.

The shooting of Langer, a student, takes place at a subtle moment, awaiting young women who are missing, dead or murdered all over the country. There is no better example of the above than the case of Debanhi Escobar, an 18-year-old girl who was found dead after suddenly leaving the party in Nuevo Leon a few days ago and escaping from the taxi that was supposed to take her. House. They are different situations, but the background is similar and violence is always around the corner no matter where it comes from.

In the case of Guanajuato, the ball is currently in the National Guard court. The National Guard was born and promoted by the current president and is supported by approximately 100,000 soldiers and sailors who leave the army and join new organizations. In the statement, officials said, “Elements of the National Guard disembarked from the vehicle he was transporting and unilaterally fired weapons at the van leaving the scene.” The Guanajuato Public Prosecutor’s Office will investigate what happened.

The rapid expansion of the National Guard’s territory requested by the National Palace is therefore regarded as a great success. “It’s growing, fulfilling its obligations and gaining the support of 70% of the population,” said President Andrés Manuel López Obrador less than a year ago. By 2021, the company had deployed an army of approximately 115,000 people nationwide. According to war-free security groups, Guanajuato alone already has more than 8,000 agents deployed.

Seguridad Sin Guerra, which integrates prestigious organizations such as México Evalúa and Centro Pro itself, has criticized police use of the army for the past two years, and criticized the National Guard or the army itself for continuing to exceed its use. of power. In a thread posted on Twitter in March, he recalled that the slaughter was not a thing of the past, two events from the last administration, the execution of a civilian in Tratraya in 2014 and the two at Tecde Monterey. They also mentioned the killing of students, and they added that there was a similar incident in which at least one civilian was executed after the conflict in Nuebora Red in 2020.

Regarding the Guanafat case, war-free security has issued a statement again criticizing the actions of the National Guard, a theoretically private company, that the president is pushing hard into the military context. “The militarization of the country’s public life has only promised to withdraw the troops from the streets and brought about an increase in atrocities under the laziness of those who only increased their power.”

By Paul Ferry – Originally published El País

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