Mexico’s unemployment rate in June was 3.3%

Mexico’s unemployment rate in June last year was 3.3% of the active population (PEA), the same as in May last year, the National Institute of Statistics and Geography (Inegi) reported Thursday.

“There were 2 million unemployed and the unemployment rate (TD) was 3.3 percent of PEA. Compared to June 2021, the number of unemployed decreased by 319,000 and the TD decreased by 0.7 percentage points,” Inegi said. Is shown in the report.

With seasonally adjusted figures (no seasonal factors), the unemployment rate has not changed compared to the previous month.

The economically active population is 59.4 million people aged 15 and over, with a participation rate of 59.8%, an increase of 2 million compared to June 2021.

Of the EAPs, the number of employees in June was 57.4 million, 2.3 million more than in June of the previous year.

The number of underemployed people, that is, those who have declared the need and availability to work more hours, is 5.1 million, or 8.9% of the working population, 1.7 million compared to June 2021. The number of people has decreased.

The number of workers in the informal sector in June was 32.1 million, and the informal rate was 55.8%, 0.5 points higher than the previous year.

The employment population by activity sector was distributed to 43% of the total, with services, commerce 19.3%, manufacturing 16.5%, agricultural activities 11.8%, and construction 8.1%.

In “other economic activities”, including mining, electricity, water and gas supplies, 0.7% were employed and 0.6% did not identify that activity.

Of the total number of employees, 67.9% work as subordinates and paid workers, and 23% work independently or alone without hiring employees.

On their side, 5.2% are employers and 3.9% work in corporate or family parcels without monetary compensation.

By gender, the economic activity population of women in June was 23.7 million and that of men was 35.6 million, with an economic participation rate of 45.1% for working-age women and 76.3% for men.

In addition to the world’s fifth-highest infection of about 6.7 million and deaths of about 327,000, the covid-19 crisis caused a 8.2% reduction in gross domestic product (GDP) in Mexico in 2020, only 4.8%. It was a recovery. In 2021.

According to the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS), the Mexican economy created 846,416 regular jobs in 2021, up 4.3% from 2020 and now consists of records of more than 21 million related workers. increase.

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