MHLW confirms payment of 4th phase wage subsidy in early October

JAKARTA (ANTARA) – Phase 4 of Wage Subsidy Support (BSU) worth IDR 600,000 per capita will be distributed to 1.2 million workers in the first week of October 2022, specifically on Monday said the Labor Department.

Data matching was done to ensure that these 1.2 million people were eligible to be BSU recipients, the ministry’s secretary-general Anwar Sanusi said at the ministry’s office on Friday.

He noted that the data collation was done when the Phase 4 BSU data was received on Thursday.

Originally, the data included 1.5 million wage subsidy recipients. About 1.2 million were determined to be clean and had no issues based on his checks of the data, he added.

These workers already meet the requirements set out in Ministry of Labor Decree No. 10 of 2022, including the fact that they must not be civil servants, military personnel or police officers.

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One of the other requirements was that they should not receive any other form of social assistance such as the Pre-Employment Card, Small Business Productivity Assistance (BPUM) or Family Hope Program (PKH).

Earlier, Labor Minister Ida Fawziya emphasized that the eligibility criteria for BSU are stipulated in Ministry of Labor Regulation No. 10 of 2022 on the provision of government assistance in the form of Wage Subsidy Guidelines for Workers.

Some of these requirements include the fact that wage subsidy recipients must be Indonesian citizens as evidenced by possession of an Indonesian National Identity Card Number (NIK).

Additionally, recipients of these wage subsidies must be active members of the Workers’ Social Security Board (BPJS Ketenagakerjaan) until July 2022.

In addition, their maximum wage is 3.5 million rupiah, or equivalent to the state, district or city minimum wage, Fauziyah said.

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