Miaoli man arrested for keeping rescued bird as pet

TAIPEI, Aug 15 (CNA) A man who entrapped and kept a protected Taiwan Huami as a pet in Miaoli county has been arrested and is under investigation, police said Monday.

The suspect, identified by his last name Zhang, was arrested at his home in Miaoli during a recent raid by Miaoli police, and three Taiwanese flamboyants were found in cages. The National Police Agency announced.

They also found 211 kilograms of tough camphor trees that had been illegally cut from forests in Hsinchu county, police said, noting that birds were also captured in the forests.

According to police, Zhang liked the cries of the Taiwan Huamei, so he set traps to capture it and keep it as a pet.

The Taiwan hamei, a passerine bird belonging to the thrush family, is a protected and rare wild animal endemic to Taiwan, and poaching seriously endangers the breeding of the species in the wild, he warned.

Police said the case was turned over to the Miaoli District Public Prosecutor’s Office, which is conducting further investigations into Chan’s alleged violations of wildlife protection and forest laws. Miaoli man arrested for keeping rescued bird as pet

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