Michael McLean’s song “Hold On” brings hope to his own life, Ukraine

One night last May, Michael McLean woke up around 2am with an imminent idea that he needed to do something for the Ukrainian people.

A 70-year-old songwriter, director, filmmaker, writer and known for his work.Forgotten Carol”Meeted the former President of Ukraine Viktor Yushchenko I played at his birthday party many years ago. In the process, he deepened his ties with Eastern European countries.

A plan that came to my mind when he was awake in the early morning silence: taking a moving song he wrote decades ago in the dark of his life and translating it into Ukrainian. Find a way to record in the famous Ukrainian singer so that it can bring hope to those who are suffering.

McLean, who is dealing with stage 5 kidney failure and needs a kidney transplant, explained the idea to a friend in a textbook. Within a few hours, the plan was put into action.

Surprisingly, within a month, McLean’s goals were achieved.

“I think it’s one of those’God’s hands’,” he said. “I put it in the’must believe there is a miracle’category.”

Michael McLean is watching his work on the monitor while waiting behind the scenes during the “Forgotten Carol” performance at Cottonwood High School in Murray on Saturday, December 18, 2021. McLean had a Ukrainian singer play his song “Hold On”. For people in her worn country while he waits for a kidney transplant.

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The inside story of McLean’s song “Hold On”

McLean said he had been fighting clinical depression for most of his life.

“It was a headache for my existence,” he said.

McLean experienced just such a “dark time” more than 30 years ago when he and Kevin Kelly were developing what would be an Off-Broadway musical.Ark“Based on the Bible story of the Old Testament.

McLean’s depressive bouts helped to imagine what Noah’s family might have felt after 40 days and night rain.

“In the musical, I was wondering,’What does Noah say to the jumping family because the rain has finally stopped?’ They said,’I didn’t expect us to do that.’ I’m thinking, “said McLean. “I knew as a man who fought over what went wrong, and then went well and came back again. Maybe this is what Noah sings to his family. — — The message at this moment is so clear that if your world is full of darkness, doubt and fear, as sure as the sun rises, just wait, wait, the light will come... All of these lines are perfectly fitted. “

Unfortunately for McLean and Kelly, New York critics said, “I sank the ark.“But the song and message of” Hold On “lives for other purposes.

Find a Ukrainian singer

Utah County lawyer David Levitt introduced McLean to Yushchenko and helped him sing on his birthday a few years ago.

Leavitt was a friend McLean shared his ideas in a text at 2am.

A few hours later, Leavitt replied with a link to the feature article. Julia TimochicoLatter-day saint singer Finished second in Ukraine’s “Voice of the Country” 2021 national television program.

Leavitt is also on his way to Ukraine and Moldova, Anonymous donors supporting 500 refugee families..

Leavitt helped McLean connect Congressman Jordan ToysherSouth Jordan, married to R-Tymochko’s sister Aliona. Teuscher fulfilled the mission of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Kieu, Ukraine.

McLean, Leavitt, Teuscher and Timochko all participated in a call for McLean to present his “Hold On” idea (translated by Teuscher) to Ukrainian refugee singers.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Julia Timochiko, finished second in the Ukrainian national television show

Latter-day Saint missionary Julia Timothico finished second in the Ukrainian national television show “Voice of the Country” in 2021. Refugees currently live in Poland and are from a country devastated by her war by recording the Ukrainian version of “Hold On”.

Julia Timochiko’s refugee story

Finish Second in the Ukrainian version of “The Voice” It gave Tymochko a new confidence and a new start to her musical career.

After the contest, Timochko began working with other professionals to create his own music and grow his career.

But her momentum Russia attacked Ukraine in late February.. Approximately 10 days after the conflict, when a Russian missile was “too close to home,” Yuria and her mother decided to flee to Poland.

“I was sad, confused, and scared,” she said. “I finally took a break and felt like my destiny was fulfilled, but overnight I lost confidence in the future …. Fortunately, the Lord is me and my mother. He took care of me. “

Church members helped Timochiko, a returning Latter-day Saint missionary, and her mother travel to Warsaw, Poland. There they were welcomed by the local Latter-day Saints who helped find the apartment.

“This was a real miracle because the city was full of refugees and everywhere, including the train station,” she said. “We also received support from our sister-in-law, our brother-in-law, and their friends who helped us survive.”

Sing and share “Hold On”

Tymochko wasn’t familiar with McLean or his music before the song was shared, but when she heard it “touched her heart,” she agreed to get involved.

Before being recorded in Warsaw’s studio, the song was translated and the music was fine-tuned to Yuria’s voice and style.

A recording of Timochko singing “Hold On” in Ukrainian has been uploaded to YouTube..

While Yuria and others were working on the translation, she said special efforts were made to ensure that the song did not lose its uplifting message.

“I am honored to be part of this project and to help reduce the burden on other Ukrainian refugees,” said Timochiko. “Recording this song was a sacred experience for me because I knew that the people listening to it wanted hope and peace. Our Heavenly Father was Ukraine and its people. I know I’m watching and finding a way to end bloodshed and war. In the meantime, I’m honored to share the message that if we have faith and hold it, the light will come. I think. “

McLean cried when he heard the recording. He told Timochko that he was her biggest fan.

“She is a very nice singer,” he said. “The profound thing about it is that she sang a message. She universally testified to all of them and adapted it in a way that gave her the opportunity to say,” You cling. “

After recording the song, Tymochko returned to Ukraine to give a concert for refugee families in Lviv. When she sang “Hold On,” she saw tears in the audience.

“At that moment, I could feel in my heart that this song really became a tool to bring peace and hope to the country devastated by my war,” said Timochko.

Since then, the song has been performed in several cities and has been endeavored to reach the largest radio station in the country. According to McLean, Levitt used a small Bluetooth speaker to play the song for refugees living in tents.

“He called me in the middle of the night and said that these tough Ukrainians were crying and hugging each other and feeling hope,” McLean said.

Michael McLean hangs out with cast members during a break in the

Michael McLean hangs out with cast members during a break from the “Forgotten Carol” performance at Cottonwood High School in Murray on Saturday, December 18, 2021. McLean recently learned that he could have a kidney transplant in August or September.

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“Hold on” for kidney transplants

McLean has other songs that he wants his new favorite Ukrainian singer to translate and play in the future. He recently learned that Timochko is coming to the United States in September and is looking forward to meeting her in person.

However, it is quite possible that the songwriter is in the hospital.

last December McLean told Dezalet News that he suffered from stage 5 renal failure. Kidney transplant.. He recently received good news that a kidney donor was found.

“Donors are coming from Colorado Springs, Colorado on July 26 for the final stages of testing, and hopefully surgery could be done in mid-to-late August,” McLean said. Says. “That’s a great story.”

The “hold on” message has brought a blessing to McLean’s health.

“It continues to surprise me that songs can teach me lessons in the only way I can hear them,” he said.

McLean knew little about when “Ark” didn’t pan out. He was working on a mental health issue. Multi-year religious crisis And another challenge, decades later, how he shared a “hold-on” at a Ukrainian birthday party and then during a military conflict that brings hope to many in need. I adjusted it.

“It sounds a bit exaggerated as I know it, but it’s like a human being, this is God’s deal,” he said. “It sounds a little strange to say that I think it’s part of God’s work, but what else can I do?”

Michael McLean will appear in Murray's Cottonwood High School's

Michael McLean will appear in Murray’s Cottonwood High School’s “Forgotten Carol” on Saturday, December 18, 2021. McLean received the good news that he is likely to have a kidney transplant in August or September.

Spenser Heaps, Deseret News

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