Middle-aged women are not allowed to leave family homes for 42 years

The death of a 76-year-old woman revealed the tragic life of her daughter. She was a 51-year-old woman and she was 9 years old in the third grade, so she stayed home and was not allowed to leave the house. Her life, 42 years in total.

According to media reports, the mother. After returning from shopping last Saturday, a pensioner was found dead on the stairs at the entrance to his home.

A relative who found his mother called the police.

Police reportedly asked a 51-year-old daughter about a situation that could have led to her mother’s death and learned that the woman had not left home since she was nine.

Relatives and neighbors seemed to know that women spent most of their lives isolated from the outside world.

The family home is located in the center of Larissa, central Greece, with relatives living in the basement. There is an iron railing on the outside of one window and entrance.

Police revelations prompted an investigation into her daughter’s situation and the mobilization of municipal social welfare.

At the same time, autopsy revealed that the mother had died of pathological causes and she was not the victim of the crime.

The official reason for this living environment for current middle-aged women has not been disclosed. However, some municipal officials in Larissa told the media that women are suffering from autism.

Her daughter’s aunt, who lives in the basement of a two-story house, reportedly said she knew about “imprisonment” and had many discussions with her mother about it. Her father died 20 years ago.

Talk to local media onlarissa.grRelatives also said they had accused the police of the case with their neighbors.

“But when police officers came, they showed no further interest,” the relatives added.

The 51-year-old woman seems to be fully aware of her situation, but can be asked by social welfare agencies and mental health professionals to properly assess her condition and prepare her future living environment. I can do it.

“The house was tidy, the family had financial resources, and the children facing some problems were protected,” said Larissa, deputy mayor of social welfare. media..

“What we want to clarify is whether this child’s imprisonment was violent or intentional. Strong knowing what’s happening where they lived. There is a neighborhood and such incidents are not hidden. The child was definitely being monitored by a doctor, which would definitely have visited several medical facilities, “added officials.

He emphasized that: “The school at the time this child was growing up was more or less rejecting people with such problems. Before 1984, there was no special school that started slowly in big cities. Then, after 1984, he slowly began to become timid in big cities. “

What is certain is that this woman belongs to a range of people who need some help.

PS There are no words. The Greek state keeps that secret … Middle-aged women are not allowed to leave family homes for 42 years

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