Millions of euros fraud with personal pensions.Banks say pension deposits are unaffected – Romanian Journal

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One of Romania’s largest private pension funds is at the center of criminal investigations, with damage of over € 4 million. The suspect is an employee of the fund, which is said to have contributed to more than 700 illegal transfers over the past three years.

On Thursday, police and prosecutors in the capital were in Bucharest and Ilfov, Teleorman, Constanta, Tursea, Ortho, Prahova, Dumbovita, Sibiu County, Brasov, Valcha, Vransa, Gorj, and a puzzled criminal case.

“At the beginning of May 2022, the manager of a private pension fund related to the banking sector announced that there was no supporting document to withdraw from the savings account, which is equivalent to about 22 million lei. increase.” Notify the General Directorate of Security (DGPMB) of Bucharest City.

Therefore, more than 700 withdrawals have been made from the customer account. The investigation concerns the use of embezzlement crimes (726 serious acts), embezzlement accomplices, intellectual counterfeiting, counterfeiting and misrepresentation, and 15 people, including two employees in the banking sector and several legal entities. Individuals are suspected. According to the sources quoted, between 2019 and 2022, with the support of relatives and seven legal entities, two people were hired in the bank and an individual amount of 23.5 million lei from a private fund pension account. It is said that it was allocated and used for the benefit of.

According to Hotnews, the target bank is BRD. According to some judicial sources, the target is the president of BRD Pensii Private Alina Andreescu, which was suspended by the Financial Supervisory Authority (ASF) in May.

At that time, the management and management of BRD Societate de Administrare de Fonduri de Pensii Private were fined more than 270,000 lei cumulatively for violating the rules of corporate governance and the rules of accounting records of managers. rice field. , Supervisors have announced Financial Services (ASF). In addition, their approval for the held position has been revoked.

BRD: Pensioner deposits are unaffected

At the retort, the BRD stated that the deposits of the participants in the second pillar and the third pension fund were not affected by the incident.

“When we contacted on May 13, 2022, we found some irregularities in a series of accounting records related to the BRD Private Pension Fund Management Association (SAFPP) General Expenditure Account. SAFPP filed criminal charges. We immediately took all necessary corrective actions, including the submission of the Secretary and the dismissal of the Secretary. All competent authorities, as well as statutory shareholders and auditors, have been formally notified.

The company’s shareholders cover the amount covered by the ongoing investigation and SAFPP activities are routine.

Assets held by participants in SAFPP-managed second and third pension funds, and kept in depositors and separated by law from the manager’s own funds, have never been and are still the case. I will specify that. This situation has no effect.

Also, SAFPP and BRD Groupe Societe Generale are two different legal entities, and employees of BRD Groupe Societe Generale were not involved in this situation.The bank said in a press release. Millions of euros fraud with personal pensions.Banks say pension deposits are unaffected – Romanian Journal

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