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Minestrone says it can make dragon-class tidal energy kites

Minest, the developer of tidal energy technology, said on Wednesday that its practical scale dragon-class tidal energy kite will have 3.5GWh of clean power per year at a particular site, based on analyzed production data and validated simulations. Said that it is expected to generate.

The Dragon Class Tidal Energy Kite is an upgraded design of Minest’s Deep Green technology for predictable renewable energy power generation from tidal and ocean currents.

The estimated annual output of 3.5 GWh of the D12 (12 m wing and rated power of about 1.2 MW) tidal kite system is based on installation in specific locations such as the Hestfjord Strait in the Faroe Islands. Utility company SEV is working on the installation of the first proposed 10 MW commercial array.

“Based on the current performance and simulation of the technology, Minest’s next-generation ocean energy power plants are commercially ready to demonstrate the feasibility of ocean energy as a valuable base load contribution to the net zero energy mix. It’s done. ” Dr. Martin Edland, CEO of Minestrone.

Power output forecasts include continuous power generation analysis at Minestrone’s grid-connected power plant in Best Mannasund, Fellow Islands, and new record-level performance data from offshore tests using the Dragon-Class scale model D2 in the fall. Is based. Strangford Lough in Northern Ireland. According to Minestrone, these production data validate Minestrone’s CFD simulations for large dragon-class power plants. Illustration of Minestrone Tide Kite-Credit: Minestrone (File Image)

Stable production

“These activities allow us to predict how much electricity a commercial power plant will generate in a year. The offshore business at Vestmannasund provided two important lessons. Second, it is in perfect agreement with the expected results, ”says Martin Edolund.

“Analysis allows us to discuss with project investors and developers based on validated data. This is essential to enhance customer and market development activities to commercialize our unique technology. “Martin Edlund said.

Featuring improved performance and reduced manufacturing costs, Minestrone said the Dragon Class will be offered and installed for all ongoing projects in Minestrone and for the construction of the company’s first array project in Wales and the Faroe Islands. I am saying.

Minestrone is currently in the procurement and manufacturing phase of five Dragon-Class power plants for small, practical microgrid equipment.

The company also shared a year-end update video with Minestrone’s CEO Dr. Martin Edlund sharing further insights into the expected power generation of Minestrone’s Dragonclass power plant, while reflecting the general progress of Minestrone in 2021. Released.

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