Minis accuses Sandoz of hostile and divisive interference with his members – Eye Witness News

Dr. Hubert Minnis, former Prime Minister of the Bahamas, has accused Dr. Duane Sands, the chairman of the Free National Movement (FNM), of unconstitutionally interfering with the work of his members.

In a letter dated June 27, 2022, Witness newsMinis said Sands intervened twice to force delays in elections in his constituency.

Dr. Minis said: “Under the Party Constitution, the chair oversees” the party’s general affairs “(under the general direction of the party’s executive committee).

Former Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minis will speak with reporters outside Congress on Wednesday, February 16, 2022.

“The chair is entirely responsible for conducting all elections within the party, including constituency elections, but it is designated that the constitutional authority to” oversee the operation of the constituency coalition “is given. Vice-chairman and secretary-general. The actual implementation of elections at such associations. “

“Under the Constitution, by FNM’s well-established treaties, and by order of common sense, parliamentarians consult with activities carried out by the party and proposed to be carried out by his or her members. I have to agree.

“It is unprecedented for the party to directly interfere with the internal operations of the constituency association, which has elected parliamentarians in good condition within the party, through the chair.”

FNM President Dr. Duane Sands

Tensions between Minis and FNM leaders have been boiling for months, but this is the most common example of friction between former leaders and those who currently run the party.

Mr. Minis said:

“When I called you to discuss the impregnated deadlock, I informed me that you were proposing to host a town meeting in the Killarney constituency before reschedule the long-delayed association elections. rice field.”

“I am a member of Killarney and as the first nominated member of the Killarney Members Association under Article 17 of the Constitution, this series of arbitrary acts of interference and the invasion of the members I represent in Parliament. We consider our proposal to be hostile. It is an act of unnecessary division, which is also unconstitutional.

“I allow you to kindly govern yourself accordingly and allow responsible Vice-Presidents and General Secretaries to carry out their constitutional obligations without further unjustified and unconstitutional interference by you. I will propose. “ Minis accuses Sandoz of hostile and divisive interference with his members – Eye Witness News

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