Minister apologizes to those affected by illegal birth registration

Children’s Minister Roderic O’Gorman apologized to those affected by illegal birth registration in Ireland.

O’Gorman apologized at Seanad during his second-stage speech on the Information and Tracking Bill.

Illegal birth registration occurs when the birth certificate is tampered with to register a child born to an adoptive parent.

This practice has been a criminal offense here since 1874, but a series of reports indicate that the state had been aware of this practice for decades before serious action was taken.

This year, a report compiled by the government’s Special Rapporteur for Child Protection said that “ad hoc, fragmented and delayed reactions” to illegal activities “worsened” the impact on people.

Ogorman told Shanaz:

“As previously said, the stigma experienced by unmarried mothers and their children was fundamentally wrong. Shame was not theirs.

“It’s ours and it remains our shame.”

He added: “For children affected by illegal birth registration, what happened was a historical mistake and had a profound and lasting impact.

“People who were deliberately involved in the illegal registration of births committed serious crimes that deprived children of their identities and the right to accurate birth registration.

“I can only imagine the deep scars and anguish that people must have experienced when they learned their illegal birth registration and learned that the foundation on which their entire identity was based was wrong. ..

“I’m really sorry about this. I apologize on behalf of the government.

“It is well recognized that apologies are of little importance unless backed by a practical response to remedy the infringement of the problem.

“Therefore, we can only assure the affected people that the state is proactively taking steps aimed at addressing their situation in a comprehensive manner.”

The new law addresses many of the legal issues faced by those suffering as a result of illegal birth registration.

It provides illegally registered people with clear and guaranteed access to information related to their identities and the status of illegal birth registration, and the identities in which the affected persons lived. Is included. That is their wish for a new cash register.

However, Aontú leader Peadar Tóibín said the apology was not sufficiently advanced.

He states: “The government has constantly denied when they became aware of illegal adoption practices.

“In order for a state apology to be honest, they need to admit that they knew what was happening for decades and did nothing to deal with it.”

X Minister apologizes to those affected by illegal birth registration

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